• I've given you data, and you give me racism!  Nice!  I hope you are proud of yourself!

  • But when we get into your worldview we're getting into EXTREMELY rarified company.  Here the overlaps start to mean something.  In all seriousness, do I think you hate Arabs?  I have no evidence that you do.  But I bet you have friends who do.  There just aren't that many people with your worldview who don't, in absolute numbers.

    I don't think that the view that sovereign nations have a right to self-defense is RARIFIED at all or implies anything about who my friends are.  In fact, in the US I would venture to say that support for Israel's recent operations in Gaza is higher than 50%, indeed recent opinion polling from Gallup bears this out.  You have absolutely no data yet you claim that since I conflate two particular things, then you can conflate any two things and we are logically doing the same thing.  Wrong.

    BTW, FWIW and just as a friendly gesture, I don't have any friends that I know of that have said anything openly indicating that they "hate" Arabs, or really even anything bad about Arabs.  I do, however, have friends of friends who are Arabs who have said they hate Jews.  So, for me this is about equal to my friends not saying anything negative about minorities in the US such as AAs.  That is - I could have a few that harbor such views but I'm not aware of it.

  • Besides, you haven't shown me anything that says that there isn't significant overlap between Hamas sympathizers and Al Qaeda sympathizers.

    I saw the TV last month so I will guess that roughly 90% of the Arab world sympathizes with Hamas, and I have Brookings data that says 80% sympathizes with Al Qaeda.  Do the math.

  • Not really.  Only if you discount the idea of probability or statistical significance.

  • But then, all Arabs are subhuman to you, right?

    This, on the other hand, is ad-hominem and uncalled for.  Shame on you.  Where's your mother?

  • Well, it was Kadima that ordered the defensive efforts.  At least get your facts straight.  95% of Israelis supported the efforts.  At that point, you have to be doing something right - I don't think 95% of Americans would agree that they like french fries.

  • Saying that someone is an Al Qaeda sympathizer is not an ad hominem attack.  Unless you are George W. Bush.

  • Broadly speaking, the group of people critical of the US is bigger than the group of people sympathetic to the US.  That doesn't make them right.

    Also, see Brookings survey here page 21 - only 21% of Arabs in 2008 said they did not sympathize with Al Qaeda.  So, the group of Al Qaeda sympathizers is pretty damn large if we can count roughly 80% of the Arab world.  The Hamas sympathizers may be a larger group in the Western world - but I still would say that there is a high overlap between these two groups.

  • Is that Bobby Jindal I hear bashing math and science and evolution?  Venn diagrams are a joke?  Um, not really.

  • Yes, it really is that simple.  I believe that Hamas sympathizers are fundamentally the same sorts of people who sympathize with Al Qaeda.

  • Already said I don't have proof, but I think it's pretty obvious.

    You could say that it is not obvious that white Mississippians would have significant overlap of both "Republican-leaning" and "anti African American / racist" tendencies, or that a significant portion of those who defend Hamas have also defended the 9/11 hijackers - but to me the overlap seems like it would be significant.

    On the other hand, insomuch as there is a "pro Genocide" crowd of Israel supporters, it would probably also imply that these people are also "pro Israeli self defense".  But the reverse would not be true - that is, the "pro Israeli self defense" circle is way bigger than the "pro Palestinian Genocide" crowd - and almost totally encircles the latter.  So you cannot make the inference that someone that is pro Israeli self defense is likely to favor the Genocide of the Palestinian people, unless you are just trying to be provocative.  You would be much more likely to be able to claim that a Hamas sympathizer is also a 9/11 terrorist sympathizer, or that white Republican Mississippians are also racist.  

    But, like I said, that's just my two cents.

  • I think you misread my comment.  I understand there are people who advocate human rights for all people.  There also exists a different group of people that are both, for instance, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, or anti-Affirmative Action and racist.  My point was simply that the correlations of these latter categories would be expected to be high, with no disrespect meant for those who are human rights activists for all human beings, regardless of their nationality or religious beliefs.  So, it is not a straw-man argument to imply that the correlation levels of one set of ideas would be expected to be quite high - namely, in this case, 9/11 "freedom fighters" and Hamas "freedom fighters" (ie the people firing rockets into Israel and stealing aid from the UN to buy more rockets).

  • Find me the references to Judeo-Christianity in the Constitution.  

    I think pretty much any constitutional scholar would agree with me, thanks.

    Your reference to US deportation policies is completely laughable considering that Israel won't even permit the return of people who lived in what is now Israel sixty years ago.

    And the US won't permit the return of people who lived in the US 200 years ago.  It is called immigration controls.  Like 'em or leave 'em, that's just the cold hard reality.  Borders.  Damn those things.

    A Jim Crow society with universal health care is still a Jim Crow society

    Actually, this is sort of besides the point but I think I fundamentally disagree with that statement - a society that provides education, healthcare, safety, opportunity, etc. for all citizens regardless of race, color, creed, etc is not a Jim Crow society.  Like the US.  Like Israel.

    And all the Muslim nations?  Is your position total silence?  Or is your position that they should adopt the US constitution as well?  If the latter, well then -- wake me when that happens...

  • Just Barack Obama and Joe Biden pictures, but nice try!

  • TR'd for language.


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