• Ok, so the article had a typo.  Glad to hear that!
    I revoke my complaint and will update the diary.  


  • Not bad!  I think I'd like Minnesota.   And I assume the offer includes that famous dip in Lake Minnetaka from Purple Rain?  :)   How's the job outlook up there?

  • There are more sophisticated measures than raw income.   Like disposable income after basic necessities are met (scaled for how basic necessity is defined ... a 10-BR mansion is not a basic necessity even if it is your primary residence).  Any economic plan should be equally sophisticated.

  • Where's the lie?   You're saying the article I referenced lied about Obama's plan?  

  • on a comment on I'm Voting For McCain Unless over 6 years ago

    Check out the link he posted (McCain calls his wife a c***).   There is your answer.

  • Bad guy?  No not really.   Misogynist asshole, that's all.

  • Ease up on Greta.  Her mouth is slightly deformed, it's always been that way since way way back when she was on PBS.   She's not sneering it's just the shape of her mouth.   Jeez.  

    She's quite good.  Fair-minded yet tough.  

  • Anyone who doesn't support Obama is an "asshole"?  Wow, we've come to this.  What happened to "racist"?

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    Actually my preference for Edwards wasn't his experience but his appeal to that great 'middle' that the party is now happily tossing aside as unnecessary.   So, electability.  But also his very progressive agenda:  no lobbyists (really), radical healthcare reform, great environment plan.  Basically, all his policy proposals were spot-on.  

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    There's a longstanding train of thought that it takes a warrior to end a war.   A warrior negotiates from strength, understands "the enemy", and has nothing to prove.  Famous recent case is Olmert (who had little or no military experience) getting Israel into the messy and largely unsuccessful war in Lebanon.  

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    was an Edwards supporter and the other two were a complete toss-up for me.   I ended up choosing Hillary purely because I didn't like Obama.   His race baiting, his arrogant attitude, his lack of experience, and his associations with weird people.   It took a while for Hillary to grow on me, but grow she did.  She's really an amazing person with such brains, talent, heart, energy, and courage.  

  • on a comment on Why the BS Has GOT to Stop over 6 years ago

    the connection, exactly?   The fact that Clinton supporters are old and so ... almost dead?    Or the fact that they've come to the end of their own particular 'road' so to speak?   Or ...

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    Consider a few things.   1) McCain's "100 years" comment was exaggerated by both Obama and Clinton in a most disingenuous way, for purely political purposes.    He's said a bazillion times now that he didn't mean active combat but military presence (which we have in Germany, Japan, Korea, etc.).    

    2) What makes you think Obama is going to get us out of there any more quickly than McCain (or goodness knows Clinton who actually named a date which Obama never did).   Samantha Power made it quite clear that Obama is making no promises about troop withdrawals during the campaign ... or at least none that he has any intention of keeping.   He's all over the place and nowhere, all at once.   He could do anything.   What if he decides to negotiate (since he thinks that's so important) before taking the guys out?   Negotiations can drag on and on.  What then?  Bottom line:  He has no timetable.

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    stupid in a neighborhood of downscale voters who were, every last one of them, typical white people.   My mother was on food stamps and my pappy ran out on us.   My uncle taught me to cling to guns and religion to make myself feel better.   And dang it sure worked!   I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and worked my way through Princeton selling cocaine to the rich kids.  Now I'm smarter than all you crackers put together, cause I know how to sell dope ... oops I mean hope ... to rich and poor alike.  You can be my running mate.  

  • "As you mentioned above, you believe Iraq is going great and that abortion doesn't need to be defended and somehow because Obama is from a city, he can't govern the country because said city has a high crime rate (of course you neglicted to mention that Chicago's crime rate is substainially lower than it was when Obama was elected to the State Senate over a decade ago)."

    I did not say Iraq is going great, I said Bush has the power to make it better, and he is doing that now so that his party will get elected.   I've known all along that we'll be seeing ticker tape parades of returning veterans in October.   Iraq is a silly thing for Obama to hang his hat on and to use as a fear lever.  Abortion needs to be defended, but not necessarily by Obama.  Chicago crime is relevant because Obama supporters wax so hysterical over caskets and dead sons coming home from Iraq (every one of them HILLARY'S FAULT), but conveniently ignore caskets and dead sons in the inner city which are not Hillary's fault (although, given their remarkable views of causality when it comes to Hillary, maybe they do see it as her fault).


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