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    Not only would that be "the response" ...

    That would be TRUE!   Jeez, this is how the democrats under Obama have converted fully to Rovian politics.   Google Donna Brazile and Karl Rove and you will see how it happened.

  • First, I agree with you that no one should be banned unless they violate the specific terms of the site (abusing their TR privileges, spewing hatred, inciting violence, using a high number of insulting/nasty words.   Certainly the diary you quote from grassroots did not deserve that.   I think what we have here at mydd are administrators who aren't very consistent and, like a bad home plate umpire, can't keep their strike zone straight.  

    Second, I disagree with you about the diaries you cite as examples of people who should NOT stay:   Um ... since when is enumerating Bill Clinton's accomplishments a punishable offense?  Oh.  Right.  Since Obama Nation with its strict censorship policies moved in.

  • "In the world of mega event ad buys you want to buy early where you can get the most bang for your buck in time slots and weight."

    Maybe so.   But given Obama's tin ear when it comes to the American people, he probably bought soccer (hey, Europeans love it!) and Equestrian (rich white donors ... who are, btw, not at all bitter ... really go for that one).  

    Meanwhile he will eschew basketball and track & field, two sports in which Africans excel (but he doesn't need them any more) and two sports that everyone -- black white blue and purple -- adores.  

  • Keep that head in the sand, buddy.   It's the quickest way to defeat in November.

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    Dear Johnny,

    You're having the experience many of your elders had when Reagan got elected (twice!) in the 80s, and some even elder elders had the experience in 1968 when Nixon got elected: "What kind of ridiculous backwards ignorant horrible country am I living in?"  

    So.  You now see why many of us support Hillary Clinton.   Surely you know now that the Clintons are at least as progressive as Obama as he backs away from and reverses a whole list of progressive policies related to NAFTA, privacy (FISA), the environment (offshore drilling).  Hillary voted FOR privacy (FISA) and she supports universal health care (which Obama never did).    The Clintons are progressives who know how to appear sufficiently conservative to get elected.  For this they were vilified -- by progressives no less! -- as triangulators.  

    Meanwhile the man with triangulation envy (he tries to do it but is supremely inartful at it) is slouching toward a big loss in November.   Too bad Obama was so effective at smearing the Clintons with lies about the Clinton administration, hateful misogyny against Hillary, and accusations of racism against them and their supporters, and so effective at 'gaming' (cheating at) caucuses.  

    Now we all live with the consequences.

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    "So my question to you is, what is he supposed to be saying instead of what he IS saying?"

    Like I said, Obama should be (have been) focusing on the economy.   If things in Iraq truly are better, then give Bush and Petraeus kudos for their fine work and move on to something Democrats are better at:  the economy, stupid!

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    You're exhibiting projection disorder, which Karl Rove (Donna Brazile's new friend) elevated from a sickness to an art.    Defined, it is:  "Using your own faults as inspiration for finding fault with others."  

    It is Obama who would do anything to win, Obama whose combination of pomposity and ignorance knows no bounds.  

    McCain's folks actually showed some wit, creativity, and humor in that ad.   Come on, you know it was funny.   Could've gone farther, is my only critique.  

  • Yeah, but it's unlikely to happen:   a) Obama cannot stand Hillary, as he, his campaign, and his bazillions of Hillary-hating supporters have made abundantly clear;  b) She doesn't really want it.   Why would she want to play second banana to a second banana?   She has shown generosity and party loyalty in saying that she would serve if asked.   And a lot more than some of the other people who's names were added -- then had to be struck -- from the VP list.  

  • Wrong.  There is no evidence whatsoever that Hillary's campaign or any Hillary supporter was behind the 'Muslim garb' incident.  In all likelihood it was David Axelfraud and Donna Brazile using the tricks they learned from her good friend Karl Rove (google it).   That picture showed up on the Obama mouthpiece Huffington Post on a day when Hillary Clinton was giving a big foreign policy speech and not one MSM outlet covered her speech.  Now, why would her campaign do something like that?  Answer:  They didn't.  

  • Oh please.    Fact is, Obama and his associates are the only people casting this campaign in racial terms, and they've been doing it since Obama's June 2007 "D-Punjab" memo about Hillary Clinton, right through all the dirty racebaiting executed against the Clintons and Geraldine Ferraro during the primary.

    McCain's watched that and learned how to deal with a bully.   Good for them.  They're moving on to deal with the issues, and so should you.

  • Maybe, but he's clearly the one HE's been waiting for.   A symbol, you know, of America's best traditions ... which are ... well ... marginal at best, being a country that is entirely run by rich.  white.   people.   And um ... I visited 57 states in this campaign and .. wait now, wait ... I can't hear myself think here ... and oh yes sometimes this country which could be great suffers from bitterness in people who cling to guns and bibles.  But I say unto you today:   We will look back and we will say today is the day the oceans started to recede.  Today is the day that the world started getting better.    I am the one I've been waiting for.  

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    Having used misogyny to defeat his primary opponent, Obama knows better than most how unattractive a female running mate would be.  The  media smarta**es who said "Her voice is like nails on a blackboard" or "She sounds like everyone's ex-wife standing outside probate court" came in very handy for Obama in primary wouldn't do him much good in the GE.  No, he will pick a male and if he wants to have a prayer of winning he should pick someone with strong foreign policy credentials.

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    Continual march of enlightenment.   When my protestant dad married my catholic mom in 1942, it was radical.   Things have changed, thankfully.  Also, a HUGE debt it owed to those who came before us.  In the 1960s, a big Civil Rights issue was "positive images" on TV of people of color.  No black dolls, no black GI Joes, black entertainers being too submissive, etc.   That was fixed rather quickly and today we have tons of people of color appearing in positive lights on TV.  We have Oprah earning $220 million per year and Tiger Woods earning $150 million.   Plus professional sports are entirely past race issues.   To have a black man be president, that will be way cool. But bear in mind we have yet to have a Jewish president, a Mormon president, an atheist president, a woman president, a hispanic president, an asian president, or a native american president.   When it comes to identity politics, the queue is pretty long.  Symbols are great, but also important is what an individual brings to the job.

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    I know nothing about you, Engels, but I'm very much opposed to rule by mob and very much in favor of free speech.  So hang in there.

  • Yes, but the % of income spent on housing is, like, 20% in Tennessee.  Since housing is most people's biggest cost, it's pointless to focus on income alone.  Mortgage interest deduction goes some way toward rebalancing for that, but not enough.


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