Wright speaking to NAACP - Updated with new Link

A whole bunch of people have written to say I should not have posted a link to a blog site with which the people of the liberal left blogosphere disagree. And they have suggested that my diary -- and I -- be expunged, purged from the body, for having posted said link. How very ... McCarthyesque. Blacklisting lives on. And imagine, here on the liberal left?
Here is the original link:


And here is a purified link provided to me by one of our helpful mydd community:


Or, you can just go to www.realclearpolitics.com which is where I got the original. There you will find a sample of intelligent views of the campaign, from both right- and left- leaning commentators.

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Re: Wright speaking to NAACP
Michelle Malkin, eh?
Certainly the website I visit when I want a progressive perspective.
by johnnygunn 2008-04-28 08:34AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

You were faster on the trigger by 22 seconds.  Damn, you are the fastest shout 'round here!  :-)

by mefck 2008-04-28 08:35AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Great minds - - you know - -

by johnnygunn 2008-04-28 08:38AM | 0 recs
I said nothing about the commentary;

I said "the videos speak for themselves."  

IMO too many folks are way too quick to use ad hominem attacks.  That literally means "attack the person rather what s/he says."  

An intelligent person interested in getting at the facts is supposed to read the content of what a person says, not dismiss without reading because of some pre-determined beliefs about the speaker.

by miker2008 2008-04-28 08:48AM | 0 recs
Re: I said nothing about the commentary;

Bullshit. You could have linked directly to CNN or MSNBC or somewhere else. You specifically chose a right wing site to make your point

by Lost Thought 2008-04-28 08:51AM | 0 recs
I got there from realclearpolitics,

and there the videos were.  You're saying I should make a deliberate effort to go find them somewhere else.  Don't know about you, pal, but I work for a living have only so much time to play the online bloggers game.  

Besides, I should think one would find the right-wing point of view interesting.  Ever heard the old adage "Know thy enemy"?
Or how about "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"?

Or, how about these:  Suck it up.  Take it like a man.  Cowboy up.  

by miker2008 2008-04-28 10:11AM | 0 recs
Re: I got there from realclearpolitics,

But I thought you linked to it just for the videos and not for the commentary?

by mefck 2008-04-28 10:37AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

It says everything, that you link to a conservative commentator in your diary.  I see where you get your news.

by mefck 2008-04-28 08:35AM | 0 recs
I linked from realclearpolitics

and frankly didn't pay any attention to the commentary as all I wanted were the videos.   And that's what I said by way of introduction:  The videos speak for themselves!  

Did I say "Read this commentary, it's rich"?  No, I said "the videos speak for themselves."

by miker2008 2008-04-28 08:45AM | 0 recs
Re: I linked from realclearpolitics

Well keep your eyes open.

Do you know how EMBARESSING it would be if Hotair caught us on that.

Hint, remove the LINK NOW!!!

I hope your over 18 because you are canidate #1 for the pervs from To Catch a Predator tv show.

by GeorgeP922 2008-04-28 08:48AM | 0 recs
Are Republicans allowed?

Are Republicans allowed to post on this site?

I didn't think they were allowed?

by GeorgeP922 2008-04-28 08:46AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

hmmmm, a link to michelle malkin's blog.... am I supposed to click that?

by soros 2008-04-28 08:47AM | 0 recs
Just look at the fucking videos.

That is what this diary is about. The videos.  

by miker2008 2008-04-28 08:49AM | 0 recs
Re: Just look at the fucking videos.

How can we know what is on it when we refuse to click the link.

Don't you get it?

This women is one of the worst propagandist in the world and you want us to give her internet traffic.

Make your case,  RNC hack or clumsy diarist!

by GeorgeP922 2008-04-28 08:50AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Please offer analysis as to why you think Malkin should be taken seriously. If you just want to link to the Wright video itself, there are better ways to do that. Otherwise, don't push opinions from someone who recently asked "Which terrorist supports which Democrat?"

by Lost Thought 2008-04-28 08:49AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Either delete and replace with new link or erase Diary.

Whats the email to notify mods about crap like this?

by GeorgeP922 2008-04-28 08:49AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Wright was funny and very intelligent and smart.  He was a marine and enlisted twice.  Bill Clinton went to Russia to protest the Viet Nam war while the Viet Nam war was still going on.  I think that Rev Wright is 10 times more patriotic than Bill Clinton.

by Spanky 2008-04-28 08:50AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

America is going to feel real racist when they realize what the mob mentality can make us do.

All preachers by definition are insane,  once i take RELIGION away from Write,  he is a good man and a fine example of surviving in America.

by GeorgeP922 2008-04-28 08:52AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Oops, I don't agree with the preachers being insane part, though...

by lqbruin 2008-04-28 09:42AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Well said, although I would rather juxtapose Wright against the Repubs.  He was funny and thought provoking last night and this morning.  Last night's was much better, though.  Very uplifting and filled with facts and conclusions citing many different studies.

by lqbruin 2008-04-28 09:41AM | 0 recs
Sweet. Malkin. And the conversion is complete.

by heresjohnny 2008-04-28 08:51AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Right, 'cause this is how I like to start off my week. Reading conservative blogs. In fact, I'll be heading over to Coulter's site in a minute, but I need to check my email first to see if Rush has emailed me back yet.

by sricki 2008-04-28 08:53AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Don't ya know...remember awhile ago, when the hosts of MyDD kinda talked about "rules"?

I would venture to say they do not delete this.
In that spirit..and the spirit of this poster
(I came this...close to linking to Red State)

but I will say this...
Fuck your troll Diary...

by nogo war 2008-04-28 08:58AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Yes Nogo, but YOU DIDN'T

And you WOULDN't

This guy has no problem, therefore in effort to smear Obama he doesn't mind crawling on his knees with his hands out beggin for Malkin to send him back to her favorite resort, the Japanese concentration camps which she supports so much.

This is the clown the poster is giving the keystrokes we waste:

by GeorgeP922 2008-04-28 09:04AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Christ, she's a damn loon.

by sricki 2008-04-28 09:10AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Which is why it is so egregious this idiot posted her link.

by GeorgeP922 2008-04-28 09:20AM | 0 recs
Re: Wright speaking to NAACP

Yeah, well, RW sources seem to be in vogue around here lately. It's an epidemic. I'm guessing the freepers have loosed their hordes against us, since I'd like to think real Democrats would know better.

by sricki 2008-04-28 09:40AM | 0 recs
here's a link of the video that doesn't lead to Malkins site, maybee you could put this in your diary instead of a link to a wingnut blog.
http://www.hiphopmusic.com/2008/04/rev_w right_naacp_speech_video.html
by Drewid 2008-04-28 09:02AM | 0 recs
Is this a Hotair hitjob or not?

We have gotten links recommended but no action on the poster.

I looked at his one other diary, it seemed pro hillary, and lacked content and responses.

How do we contact moderators?

Honestly, since when did we make mistakes that a repub would not even be dumb enough to make?

by GeorgeP922 2008-04-28 09:07AM | 0 recs


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