CA-44: Vandenberg's in.

The CA SOS updated their filings page throughout Friday night and Saturday, with the last update at 9pm Saturday night. The SOS page is currently not showing a candidate for Calvert's 44th district. I emailed Vandenberg's campaign and asked him if he had made the filing cut off. Today Vandenberg emailed me back telling me that he had indeed made the cut off. He said he had submitted approximately 90 signatures and was confident that at least 40 would be qualified. He expects his candidacy to be certified. That's one more red seat challenged in the 50 state quest.

The SOS now has every incumbent listed except the retiring Thomas, and Duncan Hunter. However, Hunter has filed on the San Diego County elections website, so he's in. The Republicans did a great job of filling up seats at the last minute. It now appears they only failed to challenge two seats: Costa and Watson. Dems failed to file for only 1 seat, Gary Miller's.

The SOS site still has no listing of Tenenbaum, or any other Republican besides Gallegly in the 24th. I couldnt' find a listing on the Ventura County election site either, but today the Ventura County Star also chimes in that Tenenbaum did in fact file last Thursday, and that he is the only Republican filing (besides Gallegly). We can probably consider Tenebaum in.

According the Star article, apparantly Gallegly did tip off a couple people beforehand, but they decided not to run. The Star article is worth filling out the password form just for the fun of reading about the Republican squabbeling that is going on.

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