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    I think I just shifted my support to Dodd...

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    All troop buildups in all wars are temporary, unless we plan on being in a permanent state of war, 1984-style.

    It is indeed not a surge -- it's a troop buildup, or an escalation if you prefer.

    But if we're going with newspeak euphemisms, my favorite is 'temporarily-swollen magic pony plan'.

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    50 what? percentage point difference?

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    I also saw the screen that DU mentions, and immediately smelled b.s. as well.

    As far as I understand, to shutdown a DoS attack you may have to temporarily deny service to some blocks of IPs -- but, by doing that, everybody else seems to be able to fix these attacks in a matter of at most a few hours these days.

    That the Lieberman campaign replaced (even if only for a while) their web-site with a page attacking and smearing Ned Lamont is more than highly suspicicious.

    Miraculously, it seems they could in fact serve this smear-attack page to anyone who pointed their browser to the URL supposedly under attack.

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    I hope I'm wrong, but this DoS attack story really has the flavor of a Rovian tactic -- as in when Rove 'found' a surveillance bug in his office just before an election, got all the newspapers to report it casting suspicion on the opposing campaign, and only after Rove's candidate had won the election did people realize that all indications were that Rove had planted the bug himself.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've seen DoS attacks can be cleared up in a matter of hours these days, and this thing seems to be going on for a full day now...

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    Lieberman 50.0%
    Lamont 50.0%

    ...followed by recount hell.

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    Just got it in the mail. At least as a physical object it looks good. Will post a review somewhere in the comments this weekend.

  • "Heh. Modern economics is becoming more and more of a religion. It's really due for a paradigm shift."

    You're missing all the fun. Empirical and behavioral economics are all the rage. Prospect theory, cognitive constraints, cognitive biases, hyperbolic discounting, and what not. They are even already handing out Nobel prizes for it (most notably Kahneman in 2002). Now it's moving into finance as well, so much so that these days it's nearly impossible to get a job in finance at a top business school unless you're doing either empirical or behavioral. It's great entertainment to watch the old farts throw fits in academic talks.

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    Good diary - this is very important, make the Bush festering stink, for which they bear so much responsibility, stick to them.  Don't let them run away from it.

    There was a similar discussion at dKos about two months ago when Bush started really sinking in the polls.  I've been sticking unwaveringly with my suggestion at the time:

    1. Always refer to politicians, pundits, and right-wing pseuso-journalists as "Bush Republicans".

    2. Always refer to the party as "the Bush Republican Party".
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    Bush's bad numbers are holding up in today's SUSA poll, 38 approve, 55 disaprove his handling of the crisis. We'll have to wait for a 3rd poll.

    Given all that went down, 55 is still disapointing. But maybe there's still hope - if the Dems start acting like an opposition party now.

  • The Democratic class in Washington still hasn't realized that the good of the country does not require unity. It requires an opposition party. The GOP is playing by different rules, always willing to damage the country if they have to to win, winning every time, and indeed damaging the country.
  • There's maybe 1/3 of the population for whom Bush could kill a puppy live on TV and they would still worship him. Those are lost.

    But there's a group of 10 or 15 pct who wavered on thu and fri, as the SUSA poll shows. But the dems stayed silent and failed to lock in the perception people had in that moment in people's memory. Now the GOP will be relentlessly reshaping people's image and perception of it, shifting blame to the local authoerities, with the media only too happy to enable it.

    It's disgusting that dem politicians are not standing up with outrage to support Landrieu and Blanco against the GOP smear campaign.

    At this point let's just hope they do enough to avoid Bush getting a bounce - which is not unlikely with a couple of weeks of photo ops and a complicit Congress.

  • Don't bet too much on it. If Dems continue silent, two weeks from now the right-wing noise machine will have spun this into another great example of Bush's leadership.

    The photo ops are already working to shore up Bush's support, see most recent poll, compared with last week's polls. (And these were the photo ops which grounded all helicopters in NOLA for hours, and included staging fake food distribution points and fake repairs of the levee just for the duration of the photo op -- all of which was a diversion of resources that must have killed dozens of people at least. Landrieu complained about this, the blogs were over it, some foreign media gave overtly disgusted first-person accounts of it, but not a peep on it in the US media.)

    Never underestimate what a well-coordinated media machine and a compliant media can do. And, with a GOP-controlled Congress, you can forget about meaningful hearings.

    Democratic leadership seems to be lazily waiting to win by default after Bush falls. It just won't happen. Unless the Dems stop acting like dogs who've been beat too much, and get into the knife-fight that the GOP is willing to make of every issue, it just won't happen.

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    See Steve Bell and Marting Rowson in British The Guardian.

    If only we had a press like that.

  • Yes, the video is on Crooks and Liars.

    At this rate, the secret service will have to set up Bush's meetings with local officials from behind a security glass, prison-visit style.

    Maybe that's why they grounded all helicopters in the New Orleans area for hours during Bush's visit, while people drowned and died of dehydration waiting to be rescued.


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