Casey or Bean

I've seen alot of complaints on this site about Bob Casey, the Democratic Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, and Melissa Bean, the Illinois Congresswomen, on the grounds that they hold so few positions in common with their fellow Democrats that a progressive might as well vote for a Republican instead.

However, in all other ways, Bean and Casey are polar opposites.  On anything affecting the balance of power between corporations versus labor, or the average citizen, Bean pretty consistently takes the "pro-business" position.  However, she is pro-choice.  Casey is anti-choice and anti-stem cell research, but pretty consistently pro-labor, especially on trade issues.  In a more rational political system, they would belong to different parties.

So I'm curious.  What if Bean and Casey were candidates for the Democratic nomination for federal office from your district or state?  And they were the only two candidates in the primary, you had to choose one of the two.  Who would people vote for?

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