• She might have won if many others here and elsewhere who have complained about Emanual ad nauseum had actually mounted a email campaign to the DCCC (like I personally did) and offered their good advice on changing the DCCC ad strategy for Duckworth.

    If he doesn't have a staffer assigned to read - at a minimum - MyDD and dKos everyday then he's incompetent. You think some staffer assigned to read email or shag the phones at the DC3 would be more efficient? Please...

  • Want to get really sick and do the math on the cost per vote..

  • Huh? 2 points? If you want to raise a sore issue at least get the spread correct.

  • both sides have to want to work together. Rahm seems to demonstrate over and over that he wants us to work for him, not with him.

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    As my daughter just entered Kindergarten this year, I completely understand. They're only that age for a short time.

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    And the organization and field people Dean is putting in place in every state are who is going to GOTV.

    Money buys media. It doesn't build the party. GOTV wins elections and builds the party.

    Or would you prefer to continue to raise gobs of cash and ignore 20-25  states completely?

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    An incompetent president with terrible approval ratings, corrupt Republicans being indicted left and right, and public sentiment running high against any incumbent, especially Republicans in charge, just to start the list.

    I'm sure this has nothing to do with the wave of pro-Democratic funding we are seeing. It's got to be Rahm's genius.

    What it comes to is how do you want to spend the party's money? Do you want to raise corporate dollars and spend it all on October media and typical top dollar political consultants in attempts to media buy your way to one election? In other words, the way Democrats have tried to win in the past.

    Or do you want to lay the groundwork and infrastructure for long term success and dominance that is much less glamourus and may take longer to be obvious as a key to our party's sucess? In other words, what the Democrats have not done in the past, costing us dearly.

    Rahm's position is to win the next election. Dean's is to build the party. They're both necessary. But I wish people would stop giving credit to Rahm for the pro-Democratic wave he's riding, and stopped sniping at Dean for having to dig out of the hole the party infrastructure was handed to him in.

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    No, lemme sum up:

    We had ideaslitic and pricipled young men running this world. Problem is, they are all emotionally still young men who just happen to chronologically be in their 50's and 60's.

    My point is that young men make mistakes based on their passion, immaturity, and their handling of fame and power just to name a few. Some men mature and gain wisdom through these experiences, growing into mature men who act with knowledge and forthought.

    Others, like Bush, are still in their hearts and minds young men. They never learned wisdom from their experiences. They never matured. They are still young men prone to young men's mistakes such as thinking in extremes, being impulsive, and being willing to fight not to be wrong.

    I can take these short comings in a blogger. Not in a president.

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    Young men make mistakes. They grow in wisdom when they realize and admit their mistakes, but more importantly, learn from them rather than assigning blame for them.

    Young men are quick to judge. They use extreme language to match their extreme reaction to new experiences. This is typcial and we all were like this at some point, especially those of us with any sort of ego.

    Young men surrounded by people in power, who are also put in a position of power - and responsibility - often forget their roots or their short comings and begin to believe their PR that through their wisdom they have achieved what they have, rather than realizing that timing, luck, and hard work and a whole lot of people have helped place them there.

    Matt once posted somewhere that power comes from confrontation. This speaks to youth. Confrontation is both opportunity and danger, often leading not to the expected results but men who spend their lives waiting to exact revange as they tell others to prepare to die.

    Matt is is prone to extreme language, a fault I share, in which people are liars, bad men, intellectually dihonest, and dangerous. While there is truth in such extremes, rarely are they the whole measure of a person, nore completely accurate.

    Bottom line, cut him some slack. He's young. He's a tad aggressive, has a pompus "don't question me" streak. But he's on our team and for that I'm glad. And which one of us doens't have a list of short comings at least this long?

    Those with the glass houses, feel free to let the stones loose.

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    "Hey, GOP funders - us Democrats are just as corrupt, err, willing to work with you, as all those GOP lawmakers just put in prison for working so closely with you."

    Ya, that will slow their fundraising.

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    For example, I don't think that recruiting Tammy Duckworth in IL-6 was a bad call.  But it fucking drives me crazy that he would be willing to offer corporate moguls easy access to our emerging Democratic majority with the implied promise that a Democratic Congress would take it easy on Big Finance.

    Did you follow any of the IL-06 primary? This was the fundraising model for Rahm's pick. Wake up people.

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    Pull you head out of your ass man. Cegelis was about as DLC as Bush is Democratic. If you don't know what you're talking about, step away from the keyboard.

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    That's right. If Emanuel can win, no matter how he does it, he's great. So what if we repeat the Republican corrupt model. We'll be in power. We'd never be as corrupt as they are, right?

    Selling access is what Emanuel is about. This is wrong no matter the party.

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    Sorry for my comment title. Appologies for the lack of respect.

    It was a bitter primary. It's over. But critism of a candidate's campaign can be valid on their own, and my critique of this mailer is just that. It stands on it's own. Claiming otherwise is dishonest.

    I stand by what I said elsewhere that this type of focus on ads done at MyDD is proactive. I want to win too. This ad doesn't do it for me in a big way and to me again highlights the shortcomings of this campaign.

    Will it change anything? Who knows. I hope. But it's been said.


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