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    We attacked Bush haphazard. We'd attack on this issue, then that issue. Never did we frame the attack on an overaching system of values or vision for the country.

    So many times the attacks were basically "Bush is bad" with little follow up on how Democrats differed. We'd fight "a more effective war on terror." What does that mean? How does that show a difference between Democrats and Republicans. What does it value?

    We run to the center so often because we forgot where we should stand.

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    I keep writing about the Democratic Party not running to the center, which IMO is running to the right. People keep commenting "what is wrong with the center" and such to my posts. I must suck as a writer as I'm not suggesting we leave the center at all. I'm suggesting that we stay where we are policy wise, and instead develop a frame for our issues that resonates emotionally with Americans, and represents an overriding vision what we are a party stand for. We've lost that vision, and replaced it with a meal plan of various policy statements geared to various groups within our party.

    IMHO we need to remember what we stand for and stand for it again rather than running "to the center" (which these days is running to the right) and being GOP-lite all the time. We don't need to turn left. We don't need to turn right. We need to just stand for our values and remember what being the opposition party means.

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    Glad you back. I don't have any other names as I agree with you on Dean. His whole campaign was about changing the Democratic party. That's why the status quo worked together to take him down. I fear they will go at it again should he seriously announce intention for the DNC chair.

    Thoughts on overcoming this?

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    This is a better way to look for a recount than what happened to Gore, who was branded a "sore looser."
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    Thanks for the go to source for much inspiration and facts and just plain spirit lifting.

    This blog has a permanent place on my blog roll, and is in a place of honor in my Bookmark Bar (yes I'm mac, deal).

    Thanks for the hard work and all the poll number crunching!

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    I'm going to flip Florida to Bush and Ohio to Kerry. My surprise pick is going to be Arkansas for Kerry. Kerry get's 51% of the popular vote to Bush's 47.9%.
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    I'd love to be a gracious winner. But we have to win first. GOTV. Keep up the heat. Kerry doesn't just need a win, he needs a mandate. We need to keep working.
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    The polls aren't telling the whole story this year. Remember the difference between the polls last year this time and the final outcome. It will be the same this year, only Kerry is either tied or ahead of Bush.

    I'm very optimistic of a Kerry victory today, and everyday that feeling gets stronger. I'm not up to landslide confidence yet, but I think Kerry could pass 300 in EC, and a majority in the PV.

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    Wow. Is this how the election is going to go? Washington looks like they will win it only to have the TD called back on a conroversial motion penalty. Then the very next play Green Bay intercepts and looks like they will run out the game.

    God I hope Tuesday night is not like this game. I couldn't take it. Will Bush look like he will win it, only to have Kerry take the nod on some controversial state poll numbers?

    Karma is a bitch if this happens.

    (I can't believe I rooting for the Packers like this!)

  • I think he was waiting to make the biggest impact. Too bad he gave up all the credibility he had to support this Administration. Bush cost him dearly.
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    The Pack? Root for the Pack? If I do that I'll have to turn in my Bears jearsey.

    Geez, this politics stuff is killing me. First I find myself more interested in C-Span than the Bears lately. Then I find myself focusing on the polls in WI more than the Bears game plans. Now I'm rooting for the Packers for Democracy!!!???

    Damn I can't wait for Wednesday so the world can go back to being normal and I can again focus on my poor pathetic Bears.

    go pack.

    Rick 'em
    Rack' em

    Rick 'em
    Ruck 'em

    Get that ball and really

    (i feel so dirty)

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    I don't mean exploit the bin Laden tape and raise awareness of that. I mean keep screaming about Bush being incompetent and taking his eye of the ball where terrorism is concerned. In other words, keep doing what he's been doing. Don't stop. If anything, up the frequency.
  • I agree with the post upthread that blogs attract mostly partisan readers, and as such we are largely preaching to the choir. Corporate media still doesn't take us seriously, so email all you want to the talking heads and IMO be largely ignored.

    What I think we can and should do is develop a database/talking points list of Bush's  innacuracies. Media Matters and Center for American progress will probably do this as well, and they probably carry more weight with the corporate media than individual bloggers do. But publish such a list here and places like Kos and Atrios, etc. to hopefully garner attention.

    Then all of us little common bloggers use a concentrated version of this list to write letters to the editor of our local (or national) papers. Hammer on two or three points, and stay on message. Create and distribute flyers with these points via email to our family and friends and contacts. Our part can be to spread the word through the grass roots at the local level.

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    Let's change the (media) filter a bit, shall we. Congratulations Chris. You and Kos, and Atrios, and the rest have been a God send for me and many others this election. The influence of instant particpatory news sources these blogs represent will have a marked effect on this election, and be written about (and blogged about) for years to come.

    Thanks again for all the effort you put into this!


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