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    They need to set up some graphic standards for that branding idea if it is going to be successful. I've seen it now with three different fronts and the donkey in various sizes in reation to the type. Is the font Caslon or Caslon Bold? And what's with the blue and red gradients behind the completely out of left field type for the pitch slide with Dean's name?

    Sorry to be less than constructive (long day),  but I hate to see a good idea go to waste by not focusing on the details and following established conventions.

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    The choir does get bigger, and at first it is just people like you and me. But how do you think I became people like you and me?

    I wasnt active last cycle at all. I put up a yard sign for Gore three days before the election. That was a big deal for me. I felt so out there and alone when I did that.

    This time I met people face to face and saw a place I could do something small - writing letters. I could do that safely in my own little space. That led to meeting candidates, posting on blogs, starting my own blog, and working for local candidates.

    Everyone has to start somewhere. You see familiar faces, but then they bring a friend. Some leave, and some bring their friends. Some of these go off and start their own group.

    What attracts the non-political is often many things. Being dragged by a spouce or friend. A single issue. A Howard Dean type firebrand. Not all who come stay, but enough do that the process does grow, and fairly quickly.

    What stops the process is poor organization. It is key to have a purpose. This was one thing Dean meetups did well. We where there for a reason. There was talk, and information. But there was alway a local candidate to talk to or a letter to write or a speech to watch. Organization is key. But here I see the blog fulfilling a role in giving out the general directions of what needs to be accomplished.

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    In talking with my neighbors through political activism I've met new people I wouldn't have before. It's a support group or sorts that attracts people at first interested. The attracts their friends who feed on their enthusiasm.

    Then the end result isn't for one candidate. Sure I went to my first house party to be around other Dean people. But then I learned about Cegelis. Through her, I learned about other local Dems. The trickle down was spred from me to my neighbors as well.

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    the article on house parties I've been trying to synthesize the same thing. But of course you did it better than i could and beat me to it. So scrap that diary I was to write.

    I think you've really hit on something here. All politics is local. And how much more local can you get than face to face with the neighbors?

    Precinct organization of house parties is a great idea. Adding someone coming to the house parties with some talking points from the party is a great idea as well.

    Ding indeed.

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    Please do. Most everyone thinks they are middle class. Even people around my area who make over 200K a year think they are middle class.

    Protecting the middle class is not something easy to frame or to use against the GOP, and something they can just as easily claim they are doing through their tax cuts. Even though they are for the rich, many see the tax cuts as benefitting the middle class. The child deduction, the rebates, and my favorite - lowing taxes on the rich creates jobs! Love that bit of fiction.

    No, social programs are more easily contrasted to what the GOP is doing and what the Democratic legacy has always been about. It will be hard for the GOP to explain why health care for children should not be passed, yet more tax cuts for the rich should.

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    The first paragraph is used in part on the header of my blog, Damn Liberals. The idea of what a Liberal stands for is not outdated IMO. It is a position from which to frame issues and guide decisions. Look up the definitions of both Liberal and Conservative. Who can argue with looking forward, being open minded, open to change, caring for others?

    IMO we as a party don't have to move left or right. I think we just have to stand up for our legacy achieved largely through liberal pursuits such as equal rights and providing security for our citizens in times of hardship or vulnerability.

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    I think your estimates are conservative. We had nearly 700,000 people registered when Dean was still not a sure thing and openly under attack. Imagine if Iowa went his way. Look how much Kerry rasied and many many of us were not that found of him. Although I grew to respect the guy as a candidate, and don't know if Howard would have won, Meetup and Netroots outreach one area I'm certain would have continued to grow exponentially. Especially if Dean would have won Iowa.

    This is one opportunity that Kerry lost out on.

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    I may have to make another trip up to Evanston. Meeting you Donna, and Hypobolic Pants and many others was a great highlight last Christmas season. I'm glad to see you co-hosting these now!

    BTW, how's that Republican husband coming along? Converted yet?

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    "michael in chicago" was chosen as my handle back when I thought blogging was a regional thing. I'm actually in the western suburbs and went to the meetups out there. I did go to a Dean house party downtown around Christmas. As a someone not terribly social, driving an hour to near Evanston to park on city streets and meet total strangers was really pushing my envelope. But I did it and it is one of the those experiences I will always cherish.

    Sorry, probably more than you wanted to know. Sorry we didn't meet.

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    Kerry and Democrats miss out on. By running from the "L" word we reinforce the GOP position that it is bad. If we stood up to the critism we would probably not also associate liberalism with weakness. Additionally, I don't understand why we don't throw the charge back at the accuser. There are plenty of contrasts between Liberalism and Conservatism in which the Conservative viewpoint looks pretty damn poor.
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    Meet up was where I stopped lurking and started acting. Until I went to my first Dean meetup in August 2003 I had only lurked. After I was more active than I ever had been.

    You are on to something with this idea, and you've given me my topic to write about tonight!


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    Post this all over the place. I think it's a good idea.
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     "..think that the problem with liberals is that they don't know what they believe. This is a time of epochal change. The smart money doesn't fix itself on any position. Do you agree? Since we don't know what is around the corner we ought to act cautiously and not-overcommit. Would you accept that reasoning vis-a-vis Iraq, dirlling in ANWAR, privatizing social security? Of course you do, you are a liberal."

    I am a liberal. But I don't agree. One doesn't change what one stands for just to suit the political times. Values like equal rights for all and justice under the rule of law should not just be tossed to appeal more to a certain voting block. Proceeding cautiously is what got us the Patriot Act, NCLB, and the Medicare reform scam, not to mention several nice tax cuts for the rich.

    I am liberal. So what? Does that mean that because my value and moral systems are fixed on something I view as a high purpose that they are inferior than someone who is willing to compromise their principals?

    If Liberals don't kno what to believe it is because the party as a whole has forgotten what it stands for and abandoned its principals. The True North of a Liberal may be limited politically, but at least it is a fixed set of standards and guides to use to  navigate further action from. There are no absloutes in life, and the perfect is often the enemy of the good, but without a fixed set of guiding principals from which to navigate from how can one make reasoned compromises without selling one's soul? Perfection will never be achieved, but reasoned compromise may achieve smaller goals or stave off malfeasance.

    The run of Democracy is only over is you allow it to be by continually compromising what you stand for.

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    isn't about what happened to Dean in Iowa. The Dean campaign made some major blunders that cost him a lot.

    Vilsack however was on the bandwagon of the ABD parade: Anyone but Dean. Dean was a threat to the status quo, not the party. Vilsack supported the DLC candidates and the status quo, and lent a great deal of support to Kerry helping him to his victory. Helping Kerry is fine, but doing it by reinforcing the stereotypes played out in the media and by people like LIEberman was too much. This Republican style personal attack stuff turned me off greatly.

    It's his support and protection of the "run to the middle" status quo that I fault with. The status quo has cost us all three branches of government, and we continue to lose seats in the house and senate.

    It's time for a change. If not Dean, then someone else progressive who will build the base. By "base"  I don't mean the hard left, but the everyday Democrat that the party has been ignoring as it tried to pander to each individual group within its tent.

    Democrats need to stand for something again. They need to stand, period. We must stop running to the rigth and playing defense. A status quo DNC cheif will change nothing, leading to more of the same: losing.

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    " read it here....why?  ask the censors..er...i mean, editors."

    Grow the fuck up. If you've got something to say, write a diary. If you've got problems with Chris or Jerome, deal with them and leave us out of it. We are here because we like Chris and Jerome's writing and site. If you don't, post on your own blog.


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