We Need Leadership?

I just took the opportunity to re-listen to the District 6 Candidate's Roundtable, broadcast yesterday on Chicago Public Radio's "Eight-Forty-Eight" program. You can listen to it here.

At around 15:00 Scott asks Duckworth:

"Why would you volunteer to run in the in the Sixth Congressional race where it was already contested when you live in the 8th?"

Duckworth replies:

"I looked at the sixth district and I realized we needed some leadership. I realized we needed someone who was going to be able to beat Pete Roskam, and someone who could really connect with the voters, such as myself, who understood those key issues..."

She then goes on to progress through a laundry list of items resting on her  AMT speech before being interrupted by the host who asks her "So what's your solution."

This quote demonstrates why the local Democrats in the Sixth are so incensed by Duckworth's campaign. It typifies how the Duckworth campaign and it's backers think they know the district well enough to actually have Duckworth say she saw a lack of leadership in the district and chose to fill the void herself.

I guess that's why her staff is provided by one of her backers, her fundraising network by her backers, and her publicist by her backers. I guess that's why only 2 of her donors (itemized) and three of her petition passers live in the district. That's filling a void alright. But I don't think the void is in the district's leadership.

That's right all you hard working Democrats in all the Township organizations, DFA meet ups, and DAWN activists - you weren't showing any leadership so now Duckworth is going to step in and show you how it's done. What do you know? You just live here.

You've got to be kidding me.

This is a candidate who knows the issues and is reaching out to voters? I've written about the forums (here, here,here, and here) and from what I've heard, a command of the issues or consistent positions this candidate has not shown. Stuffing my mailbox does not show me leadership, nor build the party. Mailing in one's campaign for Congress is not connecting with voters.

This quote demonstrates the arrogance with which the establishment Democrats view those active in their local party. They know better than us yokels on the ground working our own neighborhoods.

I see the leadership Christine is providing. She's building the party. She's actually showing up in the district and connecting live and in person with her neighbors. Those who work and live in the district value Cegelis' leadership. She showed leadership no one else would when she stepped up and ran against a 30-year incumbent that no one was willing to take on. Cegelis lead by taking on Hyde without the help of those establishment Democrats who claim that leadership was lacking now that the district is in play - a result of Cegelis' leadership.

Quotes like this just are all more the reason to get involved with Christine's campaign.

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Blogging vs. Field

Just in case anyone reading this is wondering why Cegelis people spend all their time on the blogs, I'd like to correct this perception.

We are organized. On-line. Off-line. In the office. In the field. And in our own neighborhoods. I just spoke with a bunch of my neighbors yesterday.

So next time you read something about Cegelis only having an blog presence, think again.

Yesterday it was only 8-degrees with a below zero wind chill. Some of us were blogging. Others canvassing. Christine attended multiple events in the district in addition to canvassing. Here's a post from the Cegelis campaign blog on the canvassing with a photo.

There is something special going on in District 6. Cegelis is winning.

by michael in chicago 2006-02-19 09:13AM | 0 recs
Mailing it in?

Duckworth has a remote style of campaigning.  She arrives to joint candidate forums late, then exits and disappears quickly without engaging constituents. She mails or phones in her costly messages, but at least in print or recorded they are not as fluid as when she is questioned live. Cegelis is lavishly spending shoe leather to shake thousands of hands in the district, appearing at events every day, and building on her experience and support from the last run.  Her consistency on her positions shows that she believes what she believes and understands what she is talking about.  I only hope Cegelis is sleeping peacefully when she finally stops running at the end of each day.  Duckworth can run, too, but she's no Hyde.

by Archetype 2006-02-19 10:14AM | 0 recs
Re: We Need Leadership?

I like them both.  And if you if you feel Duckworth is out of line, work harder.  So if Duckworth wins are you all going to throw a hissy fit and run as an independent?  Because all I see is a hissy fit.

What we have here is a primary.  And Duckworth says what she says to get elected.  And you fire back with your partisan talk.

I don't see any ideas or accomploshments from you. I see, Christine works hard, she listens, she is in touch....blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, good luck to both candidates and may the best person win.

by skeeters 2006-02-19 12:37PM | 0 recs
What she says

You see, that's the problem. She says what she says TO GET ELECTED. Remember Melissa Bean and her support from labor? Saying what she needed to say to get elected really helped Democrats with her voting record on CAFTA, the Bankruptcy bill, Estate Tax, etc.

You want to see accomplishment, ideas and the candidate's ties to the district? Visit their websites and judge for yourself:



by michael in chicago 2006-02-19 05:43PM | 0 recs


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