2006 Campaign Journal - Campaign plan

The worst piece of amateur political advice ever: "You don't want to peak too soon!" This spoken in a cheery voice accompanied by a furrowed brow and emphatic head nod.

A candidate can always raise more money (I didn't say it was easy), can always get more volunteers, can send more mail, can print more palm cards - but a candidate can't get more time.

The campaign plan is about organizing the allocation of that precious time.

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2006 Campaign Journal - October finance report

As in the past I am volunteering for a campaign - this time it's a county wide race to be decided in the general election in November 2006. I've written about this campaign previously.

By October 15th, as required by state law, the campaign must file a report of campaign contributions and expenditures with our county "election authority" (the republican county clerk) in the manner and format monitored by the state ethics commission.

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2006 Campaign Journal - Getting Started

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The cycle continues. I've helped in this process to varying degrees and so many times since 1992 that I can almost do it by rote. But, I don't. Because every race and election year is different.

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Mary Anne Marsh - of the ATM school

Just who is "Democratic Strategist" Mary Anne Marsh and is she a card carrying member of the progressive blogosphere is only an ATM machine school of thought in politics? Just asking.

I read a quote attributed to her in this morning's Kansas City Star (not worth the registration hassle) in one of those smarmy sidebar columns supertitled "The Buzz". The headline was "Dissing the blogs", with her money quote, taking the progressive blogosphere to task over opposition to John Roberts, "If the blogs and the Internet were everything in an election, then Howard Dean would be president."

I found the full article here:  

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2006 Senate - Jim "No" Talent (R) in Missouri

I received the following e-mail release from the Missouri Democratic Party. It looks like State Auditor Claire McCaskill (D) might be contemplating a 2006 challenge to incumbent Jim "No" Talent.

Talent Loses Support as Voters Reject the Republican Agenda

Having witnessed the cruel reality of the Republican agenda, Missouri voters are rejecting the direction that Gov. Matt Blunt, Sen. Jim Talent and the rest of the GOP are taking our state and our country. Earlier this month, rural Missouri voters rejected Blunt's shortsighted cuts in aid to our state's most vulnerable by sending Democrat Frank Barnitz to the Missouri Senate. Now a new survey shows that Talent is the most vulnerable Senator in the nation.

Just 36 percent of Missourians say that they would vote to re-elect Talent in 2006, while 64 percent say that they want someone else or are undecided. Despite 11 years in Washington, Talent has failed to show an overwhelming majority of Missourians any reason why they should keep him there. "We cannot recall an incumbent senator with lower positive ratings than Talent," said Harstad Strategic Research, which conducted the survey of more than 600 likely voters.

From their plans to privatize Social Security to the elimination of health care for thousands to investing ZERO new dollars into education, Missourians clearly do not like what they are seeing from Jim Talent, Matt Blunt and the Republican Party. Instead, they rightly fear what these Republican's agenda means for them and for their families.

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Budget priorities - PIPA

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I first ran into a reference to this March 7, 2005 Program on International Policy Attitudes [PIPA] Survey on the public's budget priorities at Boffoblog. This is the Report of Findings and the Questionnaire (all are .pdf format).

In summary - the conclusion of the survey is that the budget priorities of most Americans are quite different from those of the administration.

PIPA is also notable for its surveys on the media and the war in Iraq and on the different views of dubya and Kerry supporters (all are .pdf format).

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Senate republicans vote against Social Security

Senate republicans, including Jim Talent (R-MO) who is up for re-election in 2006, voted to reject a "sense of the Senate" amendment which supported the basic premises of good government and Social Security.
S.Amdt. 145 to to S.Con.Res. 18

The amendment was rejected in a 50-50 vote. Five republicans joined with the Democrats to support the amendment.

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Missouri Budget - the no tax albatross

Missouri republicans control both houses of the General Assembly and the Governor's office. They gained political control with a variety of promises, not the least of which is that there will be no increased taxes to increase revenue. I found out today how inviolate that "rule" of republican control might be.

I spent the day at the state capitol in Jefferson City with several colleagues, lobbying state legislators of both political parties. We made appointments to speak with several. Missouri has serious structural problems in generating revenue. Estimates of the projected shortfall in the new budget range from $250 million to above $400 million.

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Ike Skelton (D-Missouri) and Social Security

Ike Skelton (D-Missouri) is the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee. There has been concern in our area that Rep. Skelton was a member of Josh Marshall's "fainthearted faction" when it comes to Social Security. Maybe not anymore.


In January the Johnson County, Missouri Democratic Club (in his district) unanimously passed a resolution in support of Social Security.

Apparently Representative Skelton has been hearing from a lot of constituents and will be clarifying his stance.

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Democratic Resolution on Social Security

Here's a grassroots development that the netroots can help spread like a wildfire across the nation. As paradoc's noted, this Johnson County, Missouri resolution is based on a resolution passed on January 3, 2005 by the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, California, posted here, Jerome

A member of the Democratic Club of Johnson County, Missouri proposed the following resolution on Social Security to the membership of the club at its regular monthly meeting on Friday evening, January 21, 2005.

A Resolution Unanimously Approved by the Democratic Club of Johnson County, Missouri - January 21, 2005

WHEREAS Social Security is the most successful domestic program in American history, having provided a guaranteed retirement safety net for millions of Americans since 1935, and

WHEREAS current Congressional Budget Office projections report the trust fund will remain solvent through 2052, afterwards covering 81% of promised benefits, with no change to the program, while transition costs alone for abandoning Social Security in favor of private accounts are estimated at 2 trillion dollars, and

WHEREAS the so-called "crisis" in Social Security is a manufactured scare tactic intended to bolster President Bush's plans to replace Social Security with an unstable market-based system,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Club of Johnson County, Missouri, opposes any effort to phase out and/or replace Social Security, in whole or in part, in favor of a private accounts-based system, and

RESOLVED that the Democratic Club of Johnson County, Missouri, will not support financially any Democratic candidate who expresses support, advocates for, or votes for such a plan.

Upon passage of this resolution, the Chair of the Democratic Club will send the resolution to appropriate members of Congress, the state Democratic party, and appropriate media outlets in our area, including the Kansas City press.

The resolution was unanimously approved and signed by all 35 members present.


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