• There are times i feel so out of step with my generation, not being an obama supporter. But it is not a choice i have made out of hatred for him, it is a positive choice i have made in favour of Hillary.

    Yeah, I'm in the "old fart" demographic.

    A friend and colleague who spent almost every day for two years by my side in our anti-war vigil is a true believer in Obama. He can't understand why I'm not (I do like him, of course). A few weeks ago he asked me, "Why Hillary? [especially after all that time we spent protesting the war]" I answered him in some detail about similarities on the issues, being pragmatic, etc.

    What I should have asked him is, "Why not Kucinich?" [He never was a Kucinich supporter].

    Obama or Hillary and not Kucinich? We've determined what we are [pragmatic "sell outs" to our beliefs in one way or another], now we're just haggling over the spoils.

  • Yes, let's talk about Claire McCaskill. The cognitive dissonance is just astounding. And she's doing so very well among Democrats now in Missouri.

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    This has been another edition of simple answers to simpleton questions.

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    Process rather than substance?

    Gee, the media is covering insider campaign crap and we should all wring our hands? Toughen up. We'll all need it in the fall.

    In political campaigns people who know, don't talk. People who talk, don't know.

    Spend your time explaining the minutiae of your candidate's record and plans. I'll listen. Otherwise, you're just occupying space and wasting bandwidth.

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    I have no idea who has been here for years or who is a sockpuppet troll that just signed up yesterday.

    Not necessarily.

    ...Longevity does not confer gravitas, quality of content does...

    ...Being a newbie doesn't quite confer a lower status, just the same, don't be a jerk - and don't be defensive about being new.  Just be cognizant of the facts that the wheel has already been invented and that maybe, just maybe, others might have some measure of experience or institutional memory...

    I wish there was an easy way to see when people registered on this site...I don't see any way of checking that on mydd.

    Click on any comment rating. Hover over the ID of the rater. You'll see the user number (in my Firefox at the bottom of the screen).

    I'm older than dirt (129) around here - though a low number doesn't mean squat for content.

    Quite a few old timers don't hang out for now - they're waiting for the great unwashed to depart their favorite sites after the nominee has been decided (and only if most of the crockery isn't broken).

    I hate meta. And here I am commenting on it. Did I mention that I hate meta? I'm only here because I happened to have some rare free time this evening - and there's nothing good on television. Did I mention that I hate meta?

    ...If the progressive blogosphere is to reach its true potential it will take all of us turning the philosophical and theoretical into the practical. If you haven't already signed on to volunteer for a 2008 local or statewide campaign you're just occupying space and wasting bandwidth....

    You've got to ask yourself why some of those practical (and maybe, experienced) old timers aren't hanging out. Something about actually working on a campaign...  

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    ...this site is starting to rival the ferocity and viciousness...

    Starting? Starting? Where have you been the last year?

    I had hoped that this would all be over on February 5th. No such luck. The party will be going on through at least June - with all the spilled beer and food ground in the carpet. The hangover is going to be a doozy.

    A few things to remember:

    Politics is a tough business for tough people. If you want to hold hands and sing songs of brotherhood with everyone else find a hobby that is a little less bruising.

    When your opponent is drowning, throw the bastard an anvil. That's how you win.

    Not everyone on the Internets is who they want to appear to be.

    Candidates and their campaigns are not responsible for, nor do they control their amateur fans.

    You help your candidate more by directing your ire at McSame and his campaign. It shows everyone else that you understand what this election is all about.

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    Evidently not.

    but maybe he study up a bit.
    Hoist with your own petard.

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    Missouri Secretary of State

    Precincts Reporting 1477 of 3371

    Clinton, Hillary 170,291 58.4%    
    Obama, Barack 108,987 37.4%    
    Edwards, John 9,288 3.2%


  • Nah, you can lead the media to a photo op, but you can't make 'em take the picture.

  • Ah I see that you subscribe to a consumerist view of American politics. Quick, look over there, there's another shiny bauble...

  • Wow, that must have been a really long speech.

    According to my digital recorder it was about 58 minutes.
  • There were a number of African Americans sitting behind him (I have photos) - the kids standing behind him were from the school and the band that played before he spoke. Representative Emmanuel Cleaver spoke before Clinton. So, for anyone to posit that there were no African Americans in attendance would be incorrect.

  • At Show me Progress:

    Matt Blunt will not seek reelection
    (includes Jay Nixon's statement and Matt Blunt's press release and the text of his announcement)

    The e-mail scandal:

    Scott Eckersley and Matt "baby" Blunt: there's a lawsuit in here somewhere
    (includes the entire text of Eckersley's lawsuit - with allegations of destruction of e-mails)

    Scott Eckersley and Matt "baby" Blunt: the lawsuit by the numbers - UPDATE

    Jay Nixon and Matt "baby" Blunt: 4th quarter campaign finance reports

    Scott Eckersley and Matt "baby" Blunt: Nixon appointed investigator resigns

    Ain't no sunshine when he's gone - Scott Eckersley and Matt "baby" Blunt

    Brett Penrose: Scott Eckersley and Matt Blunt - bullish on e-mail

    Brett Penrose: Nerds on Call  

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    Not everyone who posts on progressive political blogs is who they want to appear to be.

    Candidates and their campaigns are not responsible for, nor do they control, their amateur fans.

    People gravitate to high traffic/high impact progressive blogs because, well, that's where they perceive the action is.

    The quality of the content on a progressive political blog is inversely proportional to the number of clueless amateur fans of the various candidates who really believe they are the next James Carville (it's just that nobody has noticed them yet).

    The owner of the blog calls the shots. You are here occupying space and wasting bandwidth because they let you.

    If you truly want to exercise "free speech" start your own blog. Maybe people will come read it, maybe they won't.

    If you are spending most of your time at the great orange satan or here writing meta diaries or candidate diaries instead of working on the ground in your local area for the candidate(s) of your choice you're just occupying space and wasting bandwidth.

    Most of the amateur fans should be out of here after February 5th, leaving those who remain to mop up the spilled beer and sweep up the crumbs.

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    ...You had to give both sides of the story...

    As if they had equal weight? That's the problem with our media today. For instance, the false debate between teaching science and teaching junk science in our schools.


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