• for the diary, but mostly for saying "lolly gagging"


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    It makes me feel hopeful.....

  • That Obama would add Clinton to the ticket.    Since Obama is winning, he has to continue to project confidence and strength.  No matter what these polls say, I don't think the Obama campaign would want to have the appearance of giving in to, or being bullied by, an opponent whose strategy was to make him seem unelectable.

    Picking a VP should be the Presidential nominee's job, and the "dream ticket" narrative would be all about how Clinton got her way, etc., not how strong Obama/Clinton are in certain states.

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    for your concern.

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    Obama supporters are not welcome here.  We are suffered, and only barely respected.

    Whenever there is a dustup, with plenty of blame to go around, only Obama supporters are told to leave if they don't like it. Supporters for both candidates have routinely gotten out of hand, but for some reason the Obama supporters are always cast in the worst light.  We frequently get mocked and taunted in frontpage posts, as a whole, and the site guidelines seem to be selectively enforced to the benefit of out-of-line Clinton supporters.  

    I've lurked here since 2005, and have always been proud to think of myself as part of the MyDD community.  What has happened to this site is sad.  We all deserve better than this.

  • Has caused some overzealous supporters to lose their ability to reason.

  • He would probably suggest something simple, like outfitting every citizen with a handy, reusable ballot:




    (Please check one)

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    I was starting to miss the front-pager sarcasm towards readers.  

    Shall we repost the MyDD guidelines, or is the truce over already?

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    I think I understand now why Clinton has been fighting so hard these last few weeks.  

    I would not have guessed that she'd want the VP slot, but now that her surrogates are pushing the meme, it explains a lot.  However, I don't think Obama will give it to her, if for no other reason than his campaign will have been bullied into it.  If she wanted the VP slot, maybe she shouldn't have employed the kitchen sink strategy against him?

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    that front-pagers will be held to this same standard.  

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    I think the media, the blogosphere, and some Clinton and Obama supporters have all gone off the deep edge.  

    Off topic: does your username mean you're the mother to twins?   If so, double-happy-mother's day!

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    This is so sad. Is Jerome really suggesting ("humbly") Obama supporters should leave MyDD?  Or that any blog that fails to cover the WV race incessantly has its head in the sand?

    Before I read this post, I was already fed up with the insults hurled by some front-pagers at the members of this community who support Obama.  I couldn't understand why my support of Obama should make me so unworthy of courtesy or respect on MyDD.

    But now I see the problem.  It's not that the primary has lasted so long that some supporters have lost perspective.  I simply "can't stand the heat of the WV primary."

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    It's pretty sad to see so many once-great progressive sites fall apart because of this primary.

    What passes for "analysis" these days is mostly just venom directed at one campaign or the other and poll cherry-picking.

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    This has got to stop.  

    Clinton will "fight on" no matter what.  What Dean does or does not say makes no difference.  She has already said she's staying in until Denver.

    And calling out Obama supporters in the post for what you think they will do is not necessary or helpful.  Yes, they will probably advocate for their candidate.  That is why they're supporters.

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    Ok, I gave $11.11 to everyone.

    Also, check the site.  All but one goal has been met!


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