The McCain-Lieberman-Salazar Party?

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David Brooks of the NYT calls for a McCain-Lieberman Party! Sounds like something Ken Salazar the Jr Senator from Colorado might be interested in. I sense that Salazar truly wishes that politics weren't so partisan. He has worked diligently to make space in the middle (between the Dems & the Reps). Unfortunately (and inevitably) this ends up being a conservative plot of landscape.

Salazar's positioning might not be bad for him personally and Colorado Democrats generally, as we live in a moderately conservative state. I mean, Colorado Dems are perhaps more liberal than our co-partisans in Connecticut, but we have a relatively larger percentage of Republican voters not to mention extremist Republicans.

But, if Salazar pulled a Lieberman in a purple state like Colorado, all he would accomplish is to hand over the seat to an ultra-right-wing Republican.

Does Brooks think his new party will come from the Democratic side or the Republican side?

Sorry David, there are no more moderates in the Republican Party. The party is completely in thrall of authoritarianism, neo-con wars in the Middle East, anti-government Conservatives and right-wing religious nuts.

In primary after primary we find the Republican party splitting as the Religious Right and the Anti-Government wing of the party purge the moderates. Where are the moderates going to go? Do we even want them as Democrats?

What about pulling a centrist majority out of the Democrats?

The DLC and the neocons are extraordinarily freaked out about Lieberman's loss. Their vision of a "moderate" Democratic Party insists on an aggressive foreign policy and "responsible" business policies. Liberal Democratic values on race-relations and even abortion don't bother them as long as the Lobbyist/Corporate gravy train continues and the US pursues the agressive line in the Middle East.

Lamont's victory over Lieberman shows that anger against the Bush program and the huge unpopularity of the Iraq war run deep, so deep that the DLC-Neocon formula is not likely to find much Democratic support. Perhaps we'll see the opposite as Democrats are increasingly likely to deny the Liebermans and even the Salazars from winning their primaries.

Defense against a Conservative takeover of the Democratic Party?

As the Republicans move right, what happens to the abandoned moderate wing of the Party? I don't see them joining the Democrats, and in fact I'd much rather welcome in newly energized Independents (like those inspired by Lamont's people-powered win) who come to realize that the Dems match their values on Iraq, Energy Policy, Health Care and Personal Privacy, and are willing to stand up for those values/

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