Mexican Elections... Not yet over.

The fat lady has yet to sing in the Mexcian elections.

According to an LA Times story they "found" 2.5 million more votes that tended toward Obrador. The margin between Calderon of the business-oriented PAN and Obrador of the more leftist/populist PRD has shrunk from 400,000 to 250,000 votes or 0.6% by percentage. In addition, there are still 900,000 votes coming in slowly from rural, Southern districts, which is a region favorable to Obrador.

The missing ballots were from districts with supposed irregularities which were processed, but not counted. There are also accusations of double-counting of precincts in certain PAN-favorable precincts.

Here are the main points from the LA Times:

The margin between the two leading candidates for president narrowed suddenly Tuesday after election authorities revealed that some 2.5 million votes had been missing from earlier counts. The announcement meant the race between leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and conservative Felipe Calderon was still too close to call.

The uncounted votes heightened the sense of disarray that has plagued the election since Mexico's polls closed Sunday evening.

An initial count of the ballots gave a slim but apparently insurmountable lead to Calderon. On Monday evening, Calderon was leading Lopez Obrador by 402,708 votes, with 98.45 percent of polling stations "processed," according to official reports.

But election authorities acknowledged Tuesday that the preliminary count did not include vote totals from more than 11,000 stations where "irregularities" were noted in official paperwork. Those stations were listed as "processed" in official reports, but their votes were not included in the public tally.

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