Just in Case you Forget: Medicare Part D is a Killer

Just in case you all forget,  Medicare Part D is a killer.  Two weeks ago, my grandmother's Medicare Prescription program refused to cover her heart medication and put her on a generic.  But, as her doctor explained in the appeal,  the generic does not work for her.  Now, she is on a heart monitor and might die because she can't afford to pay out of pocket for her medication.  I am ashamed to be an American right now and am ashamed that any Democrat voted for this awful bill.   If she dies, can anyone be charged with murder?

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Re: Just in Case you Forget: Medicare Part D is a

I would suggest contacting the Patient Assistance Program of the drug company who manufactures the drug she needs. She   may be able to get the drug through them. Each drug company has a PAP which provides free or reduced cost drugs based on financial hardship.  

Another possibility might be PSI which will provide co-payment assistance based on financial hardship and need.

Another possibility would be to ask the physician to see if he could provide samples until the paperwork is straightened out to get the drug she needs. If he does not have sample he may be able to get them from his drug rep.

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Re: Just in Case you Forget: Medicare Part D is a

I forgot the link for PSI.


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Some ideas.

Please contact your congress people ASAP. Post what you say when write an call them, follow up with their responses or lack of response.

Make this a big deal on the blogs.. all you can think of and also call into the talk shows (Ed, Thom, etc.). Don't forget to email and call the respective talk show host, use their blogs, forums and IMs.

Make a BIG deal out of this!

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