Obama Picks Up Another SD!

Good news for Obama....

Nebraska Superdelegate for Obama
By Sam Graham-Felsen - Apr 23rd, 2008 at 5:17 pm EDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. - Audra Ostergard, Associate Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party and member of the Democratic National Committee, publicly announced her support for Senator Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

"I have carefully weighed input from Democrats across Nebraska and closely watched results from primaries and caucuses across the country," said Ostergard. "There are compelling arguments for supporting both candidates, but my decision came down to what's best for our country and for Nebraska. In that regard, I am confident in my decision to endorse Senator Obama. He has a proven ability to activate Democrats in Nebraska."

"The gravity of this decision has weighed on me heavily," Ostergard added. "I don't want to use my position to influence the process, but at the same time I agree with Howard Dean that our party needs a nominee. Senator Obama's prohibitive lead in pledged delegates was a major factor in my decision."

Ostergard, 41, is a publishing representative in Lincoln. By virtue of her position as Associate Chair in the Nebraska Democratic Party, she is a member of the Democratic National Committee and therefore automatically a delegate to the Democratic Party's National Convention in August.

All six of Nebraska's Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Official Delegates (also known as "superdelegates") have now endorsed Senator Obama. U.S. Senator Ben Nelson, Committeman Vince Powers, Committeewoman Kathleen Fahey, and Committeman Frank La Mere all endorsed prior to Nebraska's February 9th Caucus. NDP Chairman Steve Achelpohl announced his support last week.

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