• This is exactly the sort of community that the Obama infrastructure initiatives must be designed for.

    Roads, schools and public works construction. Fixing bridges, getting paychecks.

    What also has to happen is transition to a more sustainable economy in these regions. DHL won't come back. People are using the internet more now and not sending so much paper around. This is not a case of anyone doing anything wrong. It is a change in the business. We simply don't need DHL as much.

    In any case, new industries need to be created, and green technologies are a good idea. In order for this to happen the Obama administration will need to make firm long term commitments to fostering these industries. Tax breaks will not be enough. The government has to get into the business of issuing contracts for these materials, and foster the incubation of new companies to service these projects. What is important is that the work go to local firms nd not to big out of the area corporations.

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    The importance of who he appoints to Treasury can not be overstated. It must not be any ex-Goldman folks or Tim Geitner, the current odds on bets.

    Paul Volcker, age 81, is the only choice that makes sense, and he should accept despite his age.

    We are facing a worldwide catastrophe, and in this case experience DOES matter.

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    He will not do anything dramatic and take the chance of blowing it with the momentum trending so strongly his way right now. For one thing it is just not a good political decision and he is proving to be very good politically.

    But in fact, it is in large part due to his composure that he is gaining ground while hot-head McCain goes charging around.

    I think he is providing leadership by showing that he will take well informed and measured positions.

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    I think McCain actually meant "the One."

    Seriously, a very strange comment and a huge mistake.

    The effect on the campaign will be huge. For one thing it forces extra scrutiny on any racial attacks from McCain, and that is what he has all cooked up for the next few weeks.

  • Treasuries and TIPS are extremely low yield right now due to historically high risk premiums for corporates--the flight to quality. If things recover to anything like normal levels you can lose money if you put it in Treasuries since the price will drop as yields rise. So if you invest in Treasury's be prepared to earn very little and see your principle reduced. You probably could not lose much (unless there is a total meltdown) but you will pay for that peace of mind.

    TIPS are only a good idea if you think there will be inflation since you give up interest for the "IP" (inflation protection) feature. With so much pressure on the economy and consumer spending dwindling it is hard to see inflation being a huge issue, but I suppose the weakness of the dollar could contribute. I almost always like TIPS, but the toothpaste seems pretty much squeezed out of that tube.

    Consider state Muni's (Municiple Bonds)--state level, not local bond issues. They are tax efficient and offer almost the same security as US Gov backed securities and the yields have not been completely clobbered already.

  • The only thing worse than no deal is a bad deal, and this is a bad deal.

    I will feel better seeing nothing get rushed through. I would like to see lots of input, and lots of debate.

    There may be some near term technical problems that need top be addressed, but that's nothing compared to the damage that these clowns can do with $700,000,000.

    Let's weather the storm. Get Obama elected and sort it all out in the next administration.

    We've been around 200 years. We can take a few weeks to sort this out.

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    Biden is the worst pick possible.

    This just confirms it's amateur hour on the campaign trail.

    I'm disgusted.

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    What? By commanding the Friday evening news cycle? The time when most politicians dump their bad news...

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    Biden is the most boring speaker in the world. Now, with Obama's "hope and change" monologue wearing thin he needed someone that could campaign tough against the Republicans. That sinking feeling continues...

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    Let me also add, that this position that you mention--continuing the hand out to religious organizations--is the one that troubles me the most.

    This is a complete abuse of government and the fact that he would want to continue it--of course substituting his favored religions--says volumes about the man.

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    Not really. This pivot to attacking Obama had been planned all along. It is just the same as the pivot to attacking John Kerry. The main stream media is owned by the corporations, and the corporations are owned by Republicans. They can't help themselves but to try and elect a Republican, no matter how terrible they are. That's why we got Bush. That's why they are trying to elect McCain. The entire plan has been to destroy Clinton, because she was the stronger candidate, then to turn the spotlight on Obama. Obama has no experience with battling the main stream media. They made him by blowing sweat air anytime he spoke. If they make you they can break you, and that's what they are trying to do. He is playing right into their hands by shifting his positions from those that got him the nomination. Some may say smart politics, but others will call him a flip-flopper, and no one likes a flip-flopper. Really, this is just his inexperience with the media again. They are challenging him to "move to the center" and when he does, they attack him for it. This is what they can do because his convictions were not that strongly held in the first place. He has been the blank slate upon which everyone scribbles their hopes. Now those hopes are colliding with other peoples hopes and, as he develops more of a record, his own.

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    This is too much...

    We knew he was a snake, and now we see how much of a snake he is.

    And, of course I'll vote for him...

  • Who appointed you the judge and jury.

    Why don't you just cool it down a bit?

  • asdf

  • Isn't it something to see the angry comments about this post. Look, truth hurts. I am fine with Obama's triangulating and flip-flopping. I just hope he does enough of it to get elected.


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