KY-3: Yarmuth (D) up 10 points on Northup (R)

As I've saidmanytimes this year, one of the highlights for this election season will be the hilarious Schadenfreude-Fest that will be the congressional race between John Yarmuth and Anne Northup. John Yarmuth is a shoe-in to win this race by double-digits, which will be Anne Northup's 3rd loss in two years, effectively ending her political viability for many years to come.

What makes this coming campaign and victory even sweeter is (1) Yarmuth's unapologetic progressive stances and votes, and (2) how absolutely batshit crazy he drives the right wingers, as they are foaming at the mouth in anticipation of "beating" him.

Evidence of Yarmuth's coming double-digit was further validated by the SUSA poll that came out yesterday, showing Yarmie with a 10-point lead, Northup behind in every demographic.

And the best part? The absolute celebration by the delusional foaming at the mouth right-wing KY blogs (including the anti-Semitic Cyberhillbilly) in response to this poll. Apparently, according to them and the Northup campaign, this 10-point deficit is is proof that she has "momentum".

Actually, I have to agree with that.

Back in January, Northup cited a poll that showed her down 2 points. Then, last month, she said that she was down 7 points. Now, she approvingly sites yesterday's SUSA poll showing her down 10 points.

Let's see.... 2 points down... then 7 points down.... then 10 points down...

Yes, this is momentum, but not in the direction that they're claiming.

As I said, grab the popcorn, and enjoy the hilarious Schadenfreude-Fest.

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