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    We can't get the [MI] primary off the ground without a 2/3 vote in our State Senate, which is controlled by Republicans. They're not going to give us one, and Obama has nothing to do with it.

    Which is why it really rankles to hear Senator Clinton try to somehow blame Senator Obama for this debacle.  She signed the same pledge with the DNC, she just didn't mean it.

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    Obama isn't pressing for a re-vote, because he respects the DNC's authority to determine the primary calendar.  If we seat Florida (which will not hold a re-vote) and Michigan's delegations without penalty, we have no hope of broadening the primary/caucus process in the future.  The unrepresentative states of Iowa and New Hampshire will continue to have pole position, and if the DNC modifies the calendar, they have FL and MI to point to in assuming there will be no penalty for ignoring them.

    That, and of course the fact that it's not likely to improve his electoral chances.

    I think voting again would be just fine.  FL has decided they won't, and MI will probably decide the same in the next couple days.  Then we'll hear the Clinton team insisting that the FL and MI delegations be seated as-is.

    If you agree with Senator Clinton's approach to this, I have two questions:

    • Are you interested in undermining or overthrowing Governor Dean's leadership at the DNC?
    • Are you happy with Iowa and NH continuing to run the show?

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    "If the Obama campaign thwarts a fair election process for the people of Michigan.."

    Translation: "It's obvious at this point that Michigan's not going to do a re-vote.  We'd like to somehow blame Obama for that, because...um...we've got nothin'."


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