Coaltion of the Willing: Losing it's Will.

As Japan prepares to pull its troops out of Iraq, we again re-vist the Bush-ism "Coalition of the Willing". But Japan has become the 18th nation to leave Iraq before the end of the war (whenever that is coming). The number of willing who are still actually willing is dwindling quickly as we continue to see massive violence in Iraq.

With the departure of Japan, 18 members of the coalition have left Iraq. Japan called their stay a success, but it could hardly be more then a P.R stunt, considering the fact that the civil war has escalated the violence to all time highs. With the death of the 2500 U.S soldier, other countries may not be "willing" to see their young men and women be in harms way to much longer.

And as more and more evidence like the Downing Street Memo continue to get older and garner more strength, more countries are bound to begin leaving. Documents like the memo show that we lied, and the deaths of the soldiers are all based on them. And the deaths of on the ground anyway, as stated by most generals and some former soldiers like John McCain are due to the fact that there are not enough soldiers on the ground. So for the allies we have in this fight to quit on us weakens our position in the war and shows more and more why we need to bring the troops home.

The Republican policy of staying the course only works if we do it the right way. Besides the fact that we have no real way to completely defeat the insurgency, we aren't even trying to do it the right way. Because the whole purpose of the war is so fabricated (and governments know that by know) we just look stupid trying to play it off as a fight for democracy. Right now we look like we are trying to destroy Iraq, not fix it. There is no running water, electricity, safe roadways, nothing. We are harming their civilians and not our enemies.

Bring 'em home or do it right. We are putting our soldiers on a suicide mission unless there is some real change in policy. The change ought to be bringing them home, but if not, we must change the way we conduct operations on the ground.

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