Is anyone literate at this site?

Let me first say that I love this site. I'm an Obama fan, but I still enjoy reading Jerome Armstrong's smartass diaries, as well as all of the analysis by Todd and others.

But really - I have to ask: Is anyone literate at this site?

There is no doubt in my mind that Dailykos is full of Obama-hacks and blind Obama partisans, but at least those folks can write a complete sentence!

Seymore Butts (or whatever his name is) can barely speak english, from what I can tell. Either that or he's copying and pasting his posts from someone who can barely speak english. There's nothing wrong with that (I'm very into the multi-cultural thing), but maybe he study up a bit.

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Reluctantly, I have to salute John McCain

John McCain really took a step in the right direction today when campaign sources hinted that they might nominate the first gay vice presidential candidate, Lindsey Graham. This is a great day for gay Republicans everywhere who have lurked in the shadows for too long. Men like George Allen, Mitch McConnell, Mark Foley, and Larry Craig.

Say what you will about John McCain (he's clearly mentally damaged beyond repair from his time in a cage in Vietnam), but at least he's not a homophobe.

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I hate Barack Obama

I hate Barack Obama. WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!

Recommend my diary! I love bashing Democrats! I take time out of my day to trash Barack Obama online because that's how I get my kicks! Barack Obama's nomination would be the end of the world! WAHHHHHH!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHH!! He's a Republicrat and a HYPOCRITE. See how I capitalized that? That makes it louder and whinier. WAHHHHHH!!!

Hillary Clinton is being SMEARED by Barack Obama. His campaign is the nastiest brutish bunch of thugs ever assembled. They are VISCIOUS. And nasty. And thugs.

He is cannibalizing progressivism and DESTROYING OUR PARTY AND THE WORLD. I hate him. Wahhhhh!! Recommend my diary! Wahhhh!!!

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Would you let your daughter intern in the Hillary White House?

We all know that Bill Clinton has an appetite for young female interns. Would you let your daughter intern in the new Clinton White House?

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BREAKING! Marc Rich still not in jail!


International fugitive Marc Rich, who purchased a pardon from Bill and Hillary Clinton by giving money to their campaigns and Presidential Library (through his wife), is still not in prison.

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Hillary's biggest mistake of the campaign?

The ill-advised Clinton supported lawsuit to suppress working class votes in the Las Vegas strip has failed, but the press and the blogs are missing the big picture.

Whether you oppose or support the lawsuit, one thing is for sure: Hillary Clinton's campaign would have been wise to come out against it. Here's why: Hillary's Super Tuesday firewall is hispanic voters and working class voters. This lawsuit, whatever you may think of the Nevada caucus system as it is set up, was meant to stop a largely hispanic union (working class) from voting. Hillary Clinton had tons to lose (her hispanic and working class base) and very little to gain (arguably, her campaign diminishes a possible Obama win by putting forth this lawsuit) by supporting this lawsuit.

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SLASH AND BURN - New anti-Obama 527 coming

The Clintons are desperate to regain power - so desperate that they are considering funding an "anyone but Obama" 527 whose main aim would be to destroy Barack Obama forever - to destroy his image and to make people hate him.

This is typical Clinton tactics, from the camp that brought you "Barack Obama may have sold drugs" and attacks on his kindergarden essay record. You'll note the Barack Obama hasn't even run a negative ad this cycle or sent a negative piece of mail. He hasn't even run a contrast ad (correct me if I'm wrong here)! He had some contrast mail, however.

Huffpo has the details:

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Dear Hillary: For your own good...

UPDATE! I changed the title from "For the good of your party" to "For your own good."

Dear Hillary:

Please drop out. For your own good.

You have no chance in hell of winning. You will only damage the eventual nominee with your increasingly personal and ridiculous attacks on his character.

You have already proven yourself to be a loser. You lost in Iowa, you will lose in NH, and you will lose in several other states. You will never taste victory. You may win New York by a couple of points, but that is it. You are a loser. The Democratic party does not need a loser right now.

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Uh oh - Hillary Trending Towards 3rd in NH!

Bizarrely...I think a 3rd place finish in NH might actually HELP Hillary by extending John Edwards' place in the race.

At any rate - here's the latest with the trends:


Obama 38 (+7)
Hillary 26 (-9)
Edwards 20 (+5)


Obama 37 (+9)
Hillary 27 (-4)
Edwards 19 (+1)

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Michigan and Florida - In response to Jerome

This is a response to Jerome's very precient diary. I wanted to expand on what he wrote about Michigan and Florida. I think I'm coming around to his point of view, but there is much more to be said.

I agree that the Michigan and Florida delegates may eventually be counted and reseated...but at a VERY LATE DATE.


If history is a guide, a long and drawn out delegate battle is not likely.

In the VERY UNLIKELY event of an actual delegate battle, if Florida and Michigan are suddenly reallocated and PROVIDE HILLARY'S MARGIN OF VICTORY, then this will likely ignite such a furor that will CAUSE CHAOS IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Seriously. Hillary doesn't want to get the nomination through DNC machinations and reseating of delegates months after they were unseated. That would be fairly bitter. Tons of chaos and hatred between the Obama and Clinton camps - lots of recriminations about corrupt bargains.

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