Jewish Americans for Obama

On Monday, the Obama campaign released a well done Axelrod special targeting Jewish voters that is worth taking a look at and spreading to others where you think it might do some good.  

This voting group has been a lagging one for Obama and though small, could make the difference in States such as Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  A recent poll showed Obama with 57% support in the Jewish community, McCain at 30% and 13% undecided ( nt2.aspx?c=ijITI2PHKoG&b=2818289& ;content_id=%7B1031E98B-96D6-4CA).  Kerry won the Jewish vote with 74% and Gore earned 79% of Jewish voters.  Older Jewish voters have been a particular concern for the Obama campaign.

Viral emails, push polls and word of mouth rumors and smears targeted toward Jewish voters have been particularly vicious against Obama.  But the campaign has been working the Jewish Community hard for well over a year and has made great inroads.  But we have more work to do.  


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Blue Man in a Red State

Bitterroot Star Reporter and contributor Greg Lemon has written a new biography of Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana: Blue Man in a Red State (hmmm, curious timing).  


Schweitzer sat down with Lemon in Missoula in July and an interesting audio clip of this event can be found at: 07/11/news/mtregional/znews08.txt

Excerpts and a discussion of the book with the author can be found at: e_man_in_a_red_state_an_excerpt/C39/L39/ 7/ ml

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It Started with a Whisper

Yeah, yeah, we know that we still have to cross 2,025 and resolve Michigan and Florida.  But it's been 491 days since we started on January 16, 2007 and today - May 20, 2008, call it VO Day - is a significant milestone in this epic and historic campaign for the only metric that really mattered: will of the voter, elected, pledged delegates.  We know it, the media knows it, the Clinton camp knows it and most important, the superdelegates know it.  

The Fall campaign will not be a slam dunk and we still have a lot of work to do with older voters, working class Whites, Latinos and most Clinton supporters.  We're going to need about 65,000,000 votes in November.  65,000,000 is almost 50,000,000 more people than have voted for Barack to date. That's sobering.  But this is a good time to celebrate a little bit, say thank you and look back at some key moments in the longest, closest and most exciting primary contest in American history.

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