Why would Clinton concede now?

You knew they were coming. The pro Obama crowd in the media, people like  Tweety, Timmeh, and Johnathan Alter had their stories ready to go about how HRC should "Drop out" and save herself embarrassment etc. in the face of expected loses last night. Well, it didn't happen but they call for her to drop out and concede the race to Obama are still being made on this blog and others. To those who are counseling this, I have to wonder whether they are simply being blinded by pro Obama partisanship.
Seriously, if the rolls were reversed, would you be telling OBama to drop out?
Yes, it is true that it's virtually impossible to for her to win the magic number required to clinch the nomination. But it's impossible for Obama to do the same. Yes, he has the lead and is unlikely to lose it, but the lead isn't good enough. You have to win outright. Neither candidate seems likely to be able to this on primaies alone, especially after last night.

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