• But that is what Democrats do. Rubikoff said that  Daily and his Chicago polls were using Gestapo tactics. The Gestapo were the worst members of the Nazi's. And when Rubikoff said it, the whole Democratic Convention cheered. Isn't anyone here a traditional Democrat. Gee, this really is becoming like fascism when we can only talk nice words about politicians.

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    yesterday I opened a diary about how someone in the media was sexist. Didn't mention Obama. I think it was the first hundred posts were about how the diarist was a Republican troll because they posted more than 2 diaries in a 24 hour period. Same legalistic stuff that Obama used to get the other candidates off the ballot in his first election and got citizens in michigan and florida to be counted as half humans. Anyone who talks about anything that can be construed in anyway not pro Obama is attacked on this site.

    One of the best moments of the '60 was in the Democratic Convention in '68 when Rubikoff rightly claimed that Boss Daily, and his police, were using Gestapo tactics against US Citizens. These were strong words to use 22 years after the end of WWII. It showed that we would not blindly approve of what was being done, just because we were Democrats and criticizing it would be bad for the Democrats. Obama has created an environment that no criticism of him, no matter what he does or says, can be criticized by a Democrat without being attacked by mindless, unethical Obamanazis. And Obama comes out of that same machine as Daily.

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    Don't do it Obama. There was not one candidate on the Democratic side you was worse in the Debates than you. Gravel and Kucinich could garner more respect.

    Stay in big venues. You are a rock star. Scripted speeches are better for you than debates. Let them say it is only words--your fans love the delivery.

    We need a Democratic President. Don't go where you are weakest. Dean had to stop you after the Penn debacle. Someone has to tell you the truth.

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    we will have one big oprah show like 2004. We spent the whole convention getting to know Kerry and his war record. hopefully there can be some disagreement. There are differences in the Party, and they should be discussed. Hopefully, by the end of the convention, our candidate would be supported by everyone there. It wouldn't ruin obama's run if Hillary got some votes on the floor. She doesn't have to be erased.

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    I agree with most of what you said, except for leaving the church. During the height of the Catholic Church sex scandal they asked one old lady about it, and she said that, "I will not allow anyone to keep me separate from my god as I understand it." I personally will not allow Obama and the Obama supporters to keep me from my Party. It is a party that has fought for issues that are important to me, such as Gay rights. I don't know if electing Obama will be better for the country (I don't think he believes what he says in his performances) or better for the Democratic Party (Bush's election practically destroyed the Republican Party). But I have never done anything but pull the lever for the Democratic nominees since I started voting in the '70's, and I will vote for Obama this year (if he is the nominee from the convention). I think, in the long run, no matter how appealing McCain is as a Human Being, the cause of Liberalism will be further for us all to continue voting for the Democratic Candidate.

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    This is just like Gore's 2000 concession speech. I want to yell, "Don't do it Hillary." MSNBC's thought that America would implode if the votes were fully counted in Florida in 2000 were just as silly as MSNBC's thought that the Democratic party would implode if all the votes were counted in Florida in 2008 and a citizen in Florida was considered a 100% human being.  Conventions are where such close races should be worked out. That is what conventions are for.

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    In the future, we should examine not using caucuses. There are a lot of reports that caucuses are not as inclusive as primaries. A caucus would not be acceptable in the general election, why should we use them in the primary? Shouldn't the Democratic selection process be as above board, inclusive and democratic as the General Election?

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    Thank you for your beautiful post.  I also thought Clinton stood up to try to allow Gays in the Military. Most of my friends hated the Clintons for the Don't ask, Don't tell compromise. I thought it was a step in the right direction.  It was so affirming to me. I don't think any President had even ever spoke about LBGT issues before. I don't even know if they mentioned gays at all. Reagan didn't even mention Gays and Aids until Rock Hudson died.  I think if Bill was president instead of Reagan, many of my friends  in the '80's would still be alive.

    Hillary has outreached to the Gay community more than any other presidential candidate i can remember. Most of my friends are obama supporters and say it isn't real, that she is just pandering. Well, i believe that she cares about people and wants to make things better. And I don't think enough attention has been paid to Gay and Lesbian issues as to other groups. If it is pandering, i want more pandering to my issues.

    I want to mention 2 more things. The video I saw on mydd when Hillary talked about preventing Gay Teen Suicide just made me cry and cry. I kept watching it for days. That real issues like that can be discussed by a presidential candidate shows that to her, people like me are not invisible. And another issue that she sees me would be her support of having allowed my long term lover to apply for a green card as my partner, instead of him him having gotten one from his work.  A lot of what I think she can do wont help me, but I think they will help future generations having to go through what I went through.

  • singing at the inauguration I mean

  • not nice. I do not need any one to give me money. I have plenty of my own and I donated $2,300 to hillary campaign and a lot to democrats in the past. And I donated money to this site. I will vote for obama, but will be thinking of mcglurkin at the inauguration

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    I think conventions are for different candidates and different constituencies to fight it out. Floor fights are good for the party. I don't think all this unity helped us in the last convention--it was boring and I don't think all my favorite issues (Gay Rights) were necessarily discussed. It was all biography and inspiration, like a TV commercial.

    And there is something that I feel was unfair about this nomination fight. The legal maneuverings and the attacks on Hillary were bizarre. And she won the most votes.

    As for losing to a young up-start, I think losing in a campaign to anyone is depressing. Egleton needed electric shock after losing a senate campaign. Kerry was nearly crying. It is depressing for a candidate and depressing for their supporters. Especially when it was so close.

  • great idea. Let us have all the primaries on the same day.

    Let every american citizen who is a registered Democrat have a vote.

    Every vote should be equal.

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    a voter in Florida and Michigan are only worth 1/2 that of a citizen of Iowa or New Hampshire. I don't respect any of them, including Clinton, for not fighting that

  • All US wars since WWII were wrong wars. I helped a friend of mine organize  protests against clintons immoral attack on Serbia.

    The Democrats who voted for the war said they were trying to keep W from going to war by making sure the weapon inspectors finished their job (providing a clear rationale if they didn't) and create international support. This is what Obama said:

    "I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support"

    The only Democrat in the debate who was right was mike gravel, the the former senator from Alaska.  Who really are we worried about going to war against?

    Both Obama and Hillary are equally as wrong.

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    We went into Iraq because most of America was unified under  Bush after 9/11. Daschell love hugged W on the floor of the senate. unity means no critical thinking and no disagreements. It is the republicans under reagan. it is fascism. Disagreements and fighting is democracy and very american. Democratic party is a party of coalitions after the New Deal. we like floor fights. And we don't always agree with our leader.


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