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    I live in New Milford, CT, Nancy Johnson's district, but I paid attention to the Farrell- Shays race, since it was the only local close race.  I was surprised that she didn't get him out.  Oh, and by the way, I voted for her in the DFA thing.
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    This could make or break Bush's legacy.  Why did he wait so long?  It's been like 3 weeks since the Hurricane hit, and he's finally making a real speech about it.  
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    we in the netroots were right in 2003 and 2004.  We had our candidate picked, Dean.  Then Iowa, in a fit of delusion, picked Kerry as a split between Dean and Lieberman, and we see how that turned out.  If Dean had not taken himself out of 2008, he would be doing pretty well in the polls by now.
  • I live in New Milford
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    This is the time to start the fight.  We have a little more than a year to do this, and this is a golden opportunity.  Let's retake the Congress in 2006!
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    So Al Gore, whose Presidency was stolen from him by Bush, is doing his part.  Today I'm leaning toward Al Gore for 2008.
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    If the Democrats play this right, laying the blame on Bush (where it should be), we could have another New Deal coalition.  His presidency is severely crippled by this.  He dropped the ball at the critical moment.  There will be a lot more blue states in 2008.
  • I live in the only red county in the state, though my town was close enough not to be too bad.
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    Same here.  I'm a senior and am very involved.  I live in Western CT, and we had a mock election for Juniors and Seniors a few days before Election Day.  It was close.  Bush won the students, but when teachers were factored in, Kerry won.  Our generation has learned the lesson of Vietnam and is speaking out sooner.
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    If she runs again (probably), she gets reelected in a landslide with little real Democratic opposition.  Her numbers are at least in the high sixties, and no plausible Democrat wants to or should risk their career to run against her.  The Rowland scandal last year hasn't hurt her at all, she's a Liberal Republican, and the sub base was just saved.  She's in.
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    It doesn't really matter what the GOP does in this race.  They are going to lose 2006, especially in NY.  Spitzer will be Governor and Hillary will be reelected, both with huge margins.
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    Did anyone else see Hackett on Hardball last night?  He was really good.  He did the typical denial on the Senate run.  Who knows, he could make a good running mate in 2008, get the military thing and Ohio.
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    Its his words.  He votes fine, (for the most part), but then he goes on Fox News with Sean Hannity (when you're Sean Hannity's favorite democrat, its not good) and criticizes the entire party leadership for not bowing down to Bush enough.  This is the man who was the Vice- Presidential nominee 5 years ago?  This is a man who wanted to be President?  I am a CT resident, and I will vote for him next year, but I do not think he speaks for the party.
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    Bush's whole 9/11 hero aura is finally wearing off.  It was almost gone in November, but not quite.  By next November it will be almost entirely gone, and the 2008 GOP candidate will not have it (Guiliani will not be the nominee).
  • This would probably be a good way to help to win back working class voters.  We should frame it as an extension of the New Deal and Great Society.  


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