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    Tips and comments welcome.  Thanks for your participation!
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    Today I was sitting at work, and decided that the Democrats should highlight the party's history, especially the New Deal.  We saved the country then, we can save it now.
  • It is true that in recent times the office of VPOTUS has grown immensely, especially during this Administration.  However, I don't really see too much danger with VP's being counselors to the POTUS.
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    This is clearly a fake voter guide.  Wingers always say "Democrat" instead of Democratic when referring to the party, they must have done polling or focus groups finding that people respond negatively to "Democrat" rather than "Democratic".  
  • And it looks like my wish will come true.
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    It probably doesn't apply to VP, since they probably thought it wouldn't happen anyways.  
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    Seeing that we only have to win 15 seats to retake Congress, I think we could do it.
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    I'm for it.  As Chris said, we need to increase the number of hotly contested GOP- held seats.  Allen is already weak, and having a celebrity run could knock him down.  Plus, Affleck would be able to finance his own campaign for the most part, so we can put our money in other places, like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.  Too bad he can't run for Senator in Massachusetts, but Kennedy will be there forever, and, sadly, Kerry's seat is filled.
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    DeLay will be on FNC in moments.  He apparently showed up at the FNC bureau in DC minutes ago.
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    For a long time, the Democratic Party has basically been a center- left party, while the GOP has consistently been moving more and more to the right.  By remaining centrist, the GOP wins the battle bymoving extrememly to the right, forcing us to move too.
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    We need to nationalize and super- fund all these races where we have a shot of winning.  Bush is in the high 30's now, effectively making his presidency dead, so we can get in there and beat him next november.
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    This shouldn't be an organized coalition, except with the Unions and some of those groups.  We instead should strive for something like the New Deal Coalition, which really united the nation, and gave the Democratic Party the country for 40+ years.  That was when the Democrats won many of the groups that we depend on today, Blacks, Jews, Cities, working people.  To do that we need a good national platform in 2006 and 2008.
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    I worked for a congressional candidate for a little while last year, and he dropped out in the summer, mostly because he couldn't afford to take time off work during the fall and take care of his middle class family.
  • It's like in the West Wing.  When is the election?  I heard it was scheduled on Rosh Hashanah, which may hurt us.  Is there any polling on the race?


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