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    I am completely disgusted with Senator "Joementum" Lieberman, who, sadly, is my Senator.  2006 will be my first vote, and I would be proud to vote against a turncoat "Democrat" who supports Bush every step of the way.  Hopefully Lowell Weicker will run.
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    Feingold almost wins it outright in the first round, with more than 20% more than any other candidate in the 1st.  Beats out both Clark and Warner in the final.  Clark has really fallen over the last few months, with Feingold and Warner rising fast.  I know its early, but at least we can say that Hillary  Clinton doesn't have the blogs at all.  Go Feingold!!!
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    maxgray7 to Max Friedman
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    I went on MyDD earlier today, and about half of the "Recent Diary" list was the same.  I didn't even open it, but this must be taken care of.
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    go here for the myspace mydd group.
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    yes, myspace is supported by ads, and I believe that the college version of facebook is, but I'm on the high school site.
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    keep the poll on  the frontpage.  other than that, feel free to change.
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    Tips and comments welcome.  Thank You!
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    There has been a banner ad on TPM for weeks.  How is this exactly "Breaking News"?
  • We can find someone else to challenge Joe.  One reason I kind of want him picked for SecDef before the 06 election is so that we can have a Dem in the state party establishment (ie Attorney General Blumenthal, Lt. Gov Sullivan) run for his seat against a weak GOPer, (probably Reps Shays, Simmons, or Johnson, probably whoever is weaker), and win, and have a real Democrat.  No established person wants to take him on, because he's too strong.
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    I don't think we should look to the turnout numbers for the 2004 Dem primary for reassurance.  That was on Super Tuesday, and it was pretty much a given by that point that Kerry would be the nominee, let alone carry his neighboring state of CT, since Edwards was the only real opposition at that point, and he was basically just campaigning to be the running mate.  I think Senator "Joementum" can be challenged, since CT is strongly against the war, and is anti-Bush, but it will be a tough fight.
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    For many monthes, Clark was beating Feingold in the final round.  Now Feingold won.  Go Russ Go!!!
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    the GOP always raises more than us, plus Dean is bringing in a lot more $$$ to the state parties.  Plus, the "ultra- liberals" aren't really rallying around Hillary, because of her stance on the war, plus her mediocrity in general.  
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    why do other states have to submit to NH's law?  don't you think that voters in other states would take as much of an interest as NH voters?  I don't think we should have fixed first in the nation primaries, because it is a given that IA and NH have a huge say in the nominee, while other states, pretty much just ratify their decisions, especially in the Democratic Primaries.  why should predominately rural states decide the nominee for a predominately suburban and urban nation?


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