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    I have great confidence that Diane Farrell will win in November.  If only that will happen up here in CT-5 with Nancy Johnson, that would be great.

  • Thats great!

  • Did he say anything about the race?  Is he going to run?

  • N/T

  • I turn 18 in September, so I'll be able to vote in the primary (I think I will be able to).  I'll be proud to have my first vote go for Ned Lamont.

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    Ok, he scores high marks from Republicans, but only 55% of Democrats.  How many Democrats will come out to vote in a primary in the middle of the summer for Lieberman, compared to those voting for Lamont.  The liberal Democratic base is discontent with Lieberman, and will be energized to fight him, unless he changes his tune fast.  

    On the subject of targeting Republicans in the state such as Nancy Johnson (CT-5), Chris Shays (CT-4), and Rob Simmons (CT-2), I think we can do that as well.  Shays and Simmons barely held on to their seats in 2004, and Johnson has a reasonably strong challenger this year.  We can both take down CT's Congressional Republicans and get a real Democrat as our junior Senator.

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    I moderately agree with you.  I loved her during the summer, when she was leading the debate and putting pressure on Bush.  She should have stayed focused on that, instead of distracting people with a debate on Israel and now going down to Venezuala, supporting Hugo Chavez.  
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    I thought this was great, especially the diagram.  We have to stress that, for the most part, Democrats who took money from Abramoff clients took it from Indian Tribes in their states, which is perfectly legitimate.  If any took money illegitimately, then they should be held accountable.  But this IS a Republican scandal.
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    Lieberman isn't loyal to the people who got him where he is today.  He criticizes the large majority of Democrats (Liberals), who nominated him for Vice President 6 years ago and has become the President's favorite Democrat.  As noted above, there is no real electoral reason why Lieberman has to pander to the GOP.  He is from CT, a solid blue state, where we would love a true-blue senator.  Instead we have Dodd (who is loyal), and this DINO.  I don't mind if he disagrees with the policies of the Democratic Party (which is basically limited to foreign policy, while being pretty solid on domestic issues).  I don't like him going on Hannity & Colmes all the time praising the President endlessly and denouncing the leadership and rank-and-file of his party.  He is not Ben Nelson, he does not need to run to the right to win.  Joe, come back to us true Democrats, or leave the party.  We have found an alternative.
  • Why is this an either, or scenario?  Ned Lamont is a cable mogul, a millionaire from Greenwich who can largely finance his own campaign.  We can still fight these other House and Senate battles, while also dealing with traitors within our own party.
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    I for one am excited about this primary in my state of CT.  We cannot let Joe get away with being a Fox News Democrat, never missing an opportunity to bash his own party, the party that gave him national prominence by nominating him for Vice President in 2000.  As it has been noted, his approval among liberal Democrats (who are likely to be motivated to vote in an August primary, myself included), 47% think he should be the nominee, while 47% want someone else.  That someone else number could very well go up if this thing becomes real and gets media attention.  Lamont is legit.  He has the money to finance this expensive race (which would include paying for expensive ads in the NY media market to get into western and southern CT).  This will be fun to watch for the next 8 months.  A Democrat will hold the seat after the General, since the GOP is very weak here, and they don't have any candidate yet.  In 2004 they lost to Chris Dodd by a huge margin.  

    To Ned Lamont, Run sir, you can win!!!

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    that is freaky!  This man wants to be POTUS?  Wait till these pics come out.  I thought we defeated Saddam.
  • I don't think the Republicans here in CT have any candidate that could win, short Governor Rell, but she's running for reelection (which she'll win in a landslide).  The Dems will (at least nominally with Lieberman), hold both Senate seats at the end of the year no matter what happens, unless Joe becomes SecDef.
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    Hillary's support is a mile wide and an inch deep, which is what always happens this far out of an election.  Remember Gore before the 2004 election.  Everyone thought he was going to run again and win the nomination, but then he didn't.  That could happen again in 2008.  Plus, she doesn't stand for anything, and would lose terribly.  She couldn't hold all the Kerry states and certainly can't win any Bush states.
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    Its very good of you to come out and say this, fighting back the RNC talking points about how badly Dean is supposedly doing.  


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