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    welome to CT,the nutmeg state.

  • Chris Murphy in CT-5.  He's not getting as much attention as the other 2 CT House races, but the race was profiled in the NY Times story a few days ago.

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    Of course, interest rates are raised on the student loans right as the peak of the generation goes to college.  We have to make college affordable again.  When millions of GI's went to college for free after WWII, the Government and the country made back all that money in increased revenue and a buoyed economy.  I think that states, or the country, should offer free tuition to a state university, and anything above that amount should have to be covered by the individual.

  • I agree.  If Lieberman does that, I think it would guarantee his defeat in the primary, and probably in the general as well.  Bush is at 24% in CT, and people want someone to fight his policies, a real Democrat who will not betray his party.

  • Rob Simmons is running in a tight race in CT-2, the most democratic republican-held seat in the country.

    Chris Shays is running in CT-4, in a close race against his 2004 rival, Diane Farrell.  CT-4 has the affluent areas of lower Fairfield County, with towns such as Greenwich, New Caanan, and Darien giving many GOP votes.  This is balanced by Democratic votes in places like Stamford and Bridgeport.

    Nancy Johnson is running for reelection in CT-5, a more rural part of Western CT.  She's likely to win, but the race could get competitive.

    Those are the Republicans.  The two Democrats in CT (John Larson and Rosa DeLauro), are essentially locks to hold their seats in central CT.

  • He would have to file as an Independent the day after the primary, which means he would have to start collecting signatures for an Independent candidacy while soliciting votes in the Democratic primary, kind of a desperate move, don't you think.  

    I think Lieberman should pledge to support Lamont if he wins the primary, as Lamont has done for Joe.

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    that can be the same day you announce your candidacy for the Presidency, coming on the heels of Democratic sweeps of both Houses.

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    It seems that if MyDD could pick the ticket today, it would be Feingold- Richarson in a second, which I agree with totally.  You have a northern, Jewish, civil libertarian liberal senator balanced by a centrist, Hispanic, southwestern governor with strong foreign policy credentials.

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    Ah, Stamford, the city of my birth.

    The seat will be won by either Joe Lieberman if he wins the primary, or Ned Lamont.  I think that Joe saying he is willling and seemingly eager to switch parties in order to run will hurt him.  He's already been called a "Sore Loserman" before, does he want that again?

  • n/t

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    hey, I need something to make me feel better with the crushing debt I can look forward to thanks to the Republican Congress.

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    Age: 17
    Home: New Milford, CT
    University: American University in the fall
    Occupation: Student
    First Comment: October 14, 2004
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    I'm 17, and the party doesn't do a good job of harnessing highschool students, who, while they can't vote, can volunteer and be valuable assets.

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    I've created a MySpace group for Ned Lamont.

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    actually, Hillary has the last 2.


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