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    He can help the loss of some Jewish voters to the wingnuts.  I don't really think they can ever win the Jewish vote anyway because of all the Jesus talk.  He will be effective at raising money and help take the House.
  • That is a great idea.  Why should they be the only ones who put things on the ballot to get out thier vote?  We cannot win by being nice all the time and playing it completely straight.  We should do this in every state possible, maybe we should come up with some other issues as well.  A draft vote would get huge turnout from the youth vote in 2006, and with the six- year itch, we can retake Congress.
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    I am currently a Junoir in High School in CT.  The problem isn't that there's too much science, it's that there isn't enough history and discussion of current events, at least in my experience.  American's aren't educated enough about their history and the history of other nations.  I was still in Middle School on 9/11, and we weren't told anything about the events that day until late in the day and when we were told, it was very vague and made it sound much worse than it actually was.  The GOP wins because Americans are ignorent about what is going on, not because Americans haven't memorized all the elements.  We must teach more history in American schools.
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    I don't have a problem with the swearing in or the parade in the afternoon.  What I don't like are the balls in the evening.  That is what is extravagant.  look at the balls of those Repubs.
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    During the 90's, the DLC and Clinton's triangulation put us into the minority.  Being Republican lite will only buy us more sad election nights in the future.  Whenever given the choice between the GOP and a GOP- lite Democratic Party, the voters will always choose the real GOP, and I can't really blame them if they can't tell the difference.
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    It would be great to defeat Mr. "Man on Dog" in 2006.  There is rumor that he wants to run for President, this would put a quick end to that.  PA seems to be turning more blue with the stark regional divides in the country.  We will have the six year itch in 2006 and have a good shot to take the Senate, especially with the Social Security issue to attack the GOP on.
  • Dean will reinvigorate this party after our losses on the Federal level.  I believe that he is best to help us in the midterms in 2006 and in 2008.  Rosenburg would probably retain the status quo.
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    We cannot let this man become Chairman.  He is anti- choice, and voted for the Bush tax cuts.  Why isn't he running for RNC chair?  The blogs must fight this man and make him unelectable to the position of Chair.
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    I think that if the GOP keeps moving to the far right and alienates moderate GOPers, he may switch soon.  We shouldn't target him too much to try to win him over.
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    That would be great news if it is true.  Kerrry would win every state and would make the country better.  Let's wait to see what happens.


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