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    What's wrong with Feingold?  He is from the Heartland, he won many counties this time that Kerry didn't win, he voted against the PATRIOT Act (the only Senator to do so), and could replace Dean for the nomination (assuming that Dean is elected DNC Chair).
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    Thanks a lot.
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    I prefer John Edwards' Two Americas theme.  He almost won the nomination with that theme and I think that it connects with many Americans.  Edwards was my second choice for the nomination after Dean, I only went to Kerry after Super Tuesday when he was the only one left (besides for Sharpton and Kucinich, but come on!).  I think that if Edwards runs again (which he probably will, I already here that he is putting together an organization), that he should use that theme but maybe modify it a bit because if he doesn't then it will sound old and tired.  I look forward to the 2008 race.
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    I agree.  I kept saying on the web that I could volunteer, but I wasn't called until the night before election day, and by then it is too late.  I did spend election day making calls to GOTV, but this should have been done well in advance.  If we can mobilize well like they did in Ohio, then we can win.  Look how close we came with a really bad campaign.  If we worked just a little harder and had a better candidate, then we could take back the country.
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    Now I love Jon Stewart, I think he is a genius, but he is a comedian.  I do think that Comedy Central should maybe move the Daily Show up earlier, but he shoudl not move to CBS News.  The right would hate him more than they hate Rather, and he doesn't have the gravitas to anchor a major network.  I heard that they are talking to Ted Koppel about moving to CBS, he could be good, although they should probably pick someone young so that they can stay around for about 20 years, like what NBC did by picking Brian Williams.
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    He seems to be getting more and more votes every day.  I think that he is virtually unstoppable, though that is what we said before Iowa last year for the nomination, though there isn't as much media focus on this obviously, and Democrats see that they need a reformer like Dean, not a DINO like Roemer or Frost.
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    Dean energized the base and made 2004 a close campaign.  http://www.democracyforamerica.com/dean_dnc_page.gif
  • I think that we could get Chafee to switch if we show him these polls.  He is basically a Democrat, he is pro-choice, he voted against the war, and the tax cuts.  We just have to get him to make it official.
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    Today, I was watching Faux News to wake me up in the morning, and they were saying that Dems in the Red States resented being told what to do by the elitist coastal liberals like Dean, Kerry, Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton.  These endorsments fly right in the face of that.  I see a new day for the Democratic Party.
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    I agree.  We cannot let ourselves be taken over by the DINO's like Roemer and Frost.  Dean for DNC!!!
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    I thought that Dean should have been the nominee.  He energized the party and made it a close race.
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    That is a worry of mine about him, but it would stop the slippage of the Jewish vote to the GOPers.  I don't think that can get very far anyway with all of their Jesus- talk, but Bush's Israel policy has helped them.  It is true that Lieberman was elected VPOTUS, but Gore would have done better if he had picked someone instead of him.
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    I am too, he looks like a good voice for the base.
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    Thanks for the comment, I will include Sen. Boxer in the poll next week.
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    I am sick and tired of all these people from the GOP wing of the party saying that we have to keep moving to the middle and basically give up our values to win elections again.  We have tried that, it does NOT work, plus it makes us feel bad about ourselves and what we are doing.  What we have to do is to run aggressive campaigns everywhere.  If we do that starting now, we may be able to win big in 2006, possibly taking back Congress, which would pave the way for 2008.


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