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    This series is a heck of a read:


    It also cemented my perception that the race was simply Hillary's to lose, and some complacency and poor staff choices lost the race. It wasn't a reflection on Hillary as a candidate, except perhaps insofar as her staff performed poorly.

    Either way, I always maintained that both candidates would be a lock on the White House, and by the time the first thing that cast even a shadow of a doubt on my mind (Wright) was out, it was already mathematically too late for Hillary without a superdelegate coup.

    I think the real "winners" of the primary wars are those who said: this long campaign is good. Because in the end, the PUMAs who were irrevocably aggravated were apparently dwarfed by the machinery and new voter acquisition that happened. Most notably, both NC and Indiana were won by Obama narrowly, and I would bet that Obama owes Hillary a thank-you note for contesting him at least that long, because I don't think he'd have won them without her.

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    Frankly, I find the suggestion that women should get 50% of cabinet posts just because they are women to be sexist and offensive; to both men and women.

    Our government does not need to be divided up to appease your (or anyone's) identity politics hangups. Positions should be filled by the most effective people. If that's 100% women, or 100% men, so be it.

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    A cathartic diary for me. I wonder how many of all those people who ranted that Obama "could not" possibly win still even visit. Where's ClarkIn08? I win the bet; I want my money.

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    I cross references AK State Senate and House districts, and I'd say a LOT of the unreporting districts are Anchorage. AK Sen-J/K/L/M/N/O/P are all Anchorage, and J/L/P have not reported at all. O 10/14, M 17/18. Since Anchorage is the largest city and has the most votes, this bodes very well for Begich.

  • Actually, Obama told me he was going to hook you up an exception, 'cause you're cool like that. But that doesn't mean the rest of the moneybags are getting off easy! ;)

  • At this point, do the Dems have the guts to make a quality compromise? In my head, it would be something like: okay, offshore drilling, and let's put $300B into solar panel deployment. (It would be funny, because then, the oil companies wouldn't even bother with the exploration. They'd just start buying up solar companies.)

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    Interesting. I am getting a 3g iphone. I'm not giving money to Obama - anything he was getting is going to the ACLU, because they're going to sue to try to block FISA. For me, liberty comes first. I might - MIGHT - have forgiven him not taking an extremely strong stand and trying to rally support to defeat it. But I won't forgive him going back on supporting a filibuster, and I sure as hell won't forgive him for voting for it.

    He's better than McCain, and he'll have my vote - but the ACLU gets my cash.

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    Time to take advantage of the walk score of 60, baby. On the agenda: Starbucks, the library.

  • Caucuses aren't fraud. Those states put the rules for their caucuses into place a long time ago, and the fact that Obama was more appealing to caucus-goers says nothing bad about him.

  • Totals now: O1771-C1730.5,

    That's not a tie. It's a win, for the candidate who won. Could supers overturn it? Yes, but, that doesn't mean they should.

  • I'd like to know how much of Wilson's slamming of Obama was pro-Clinton bias, because a lot of it seemed fairly ridiculous. Especially his attacks on his experience, when Obama is as experienced as... well, Lincoln, for example, another President from Illinois.

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    Hillary, I hope you understand that while you may not be President this cycle - and I think your election against McCain would have been easier by half than a run against Obama - you will go down in history. Half the party is in love with you - a few so much so they want to stop Obama just to spite him for beating you. The other half respects you, feared you, and knows we could really, really use your help  winning in November. It's shocking - truly shocking - that your run should coincide with Obama's, as you are both so strong, it was truly an embarrassment of riches, and it is very much to your credit that turnout this year has been sky high.

    Good luck, God Bless, and Thank you for your loyalty, honor, and humility.

  • I don't think it helps anyone to bring up a lot of that stuff with specificity. When he says, "It was my great honor to be in this race with Hillary Clinton", to me, that means those things are not true, because if they were, he would not say that.

    Saying, "I know Hillary wasn't suggesting that people assassinate me" is an absolutely ludicrous thing to ask for on many levels, not the least of which is: it shouldn't be justified.

  • I've never heard Obama insist he won the popular vote, and I don't insist that either. But I do say that she did not clearly win, and that since by many  measures - more valid measures to many - he did win, her claiming a victory is at best disingenuous. And to say that she "won, but it was stolen" is preposterous.

  • It's not a fact. It's an assertion. And many people assert the opposite, that Obama won the popular vote. And as the analysis diaried points out, almost any method of trying to fairly count votes means Obama won.


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