• Trying to spin this as a call to domestic violence is beneath contempt.

    How dare you.  Domestic violence is one of the most serious issues facing our country. It is never to be taken lightly and should never be used to try and score points in some stupid debate between politicians. Do you think the people suffering from domestic violence right this minute give a damn who wins today talking point?

    And you know damn well that is not what Olbermann was doing.

    This is cheapening your rhetoric to a new low.

  • The only thing McAuliff has said that was eloquent lately is that Fox News is fair and balanced.  Shows you where your favorite pundits fall on the political spectrum of late.

  • Well, yeah, I guess that would be the like minded response wouldn't it.  Good thing...

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    Come on people. I will not be fooled into thinking all of the people who claim take this as a physical threat are that inane. You guys know better and your attempts to pretend otherwise is really unfortunate.

    When did you lose all ability to have a rational debate. I can totally understand you are pissed at how this primary is turning out and I get that.  You have every right to be mad.  I know we are all really invested in our candidates, but seriously this is ridiculous.  

    Show Hillary some respect.  She is way too smart to buy into this kind of nonsense and deserves to be represented in a better light than this.

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    Damn, you beat me to the post.

    I was just quickly reading through the absurd posts about Olbermann when you're post beat me to the punch on this defector.

    Defections from Hillary are no surprise at this point.  Besides the ship sinking and the math being impossible for her, there are consequences for running a scorched earth campaign.

    She is a very smart campaigner, so this will come as no surprise to her.  She chose to go 100% negative and use Rovian tactics, and she has been around long enough to know there are things to be gained and things to be lost by doing so. It's all part of the calculus she is using.

    This is just the start of what is to be expected...blow back.  These are reasonable people that have been watching the recent turn for the worst.  Many of them know that it is not in the interest of the party.

    I guarantee her unwillingness to speak out in support of Bev Purdue and Richard Moore will be the straw that breaks the camel back for many of these people.  It is ample evidence that she is not ready to run this party because she will put her own self-interests ahead of the parties interests. That is not leadership.

    So welcome Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon, it is good to have you on board.

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    Alright.  This is the second heart felt, nice diary I have read here tonight.  

    Which is great, because I am seriously getting sick of Democrats infighting.

    I am making a conscious choice to try and set aside my disagreements with Senator Clinton (and I do have many), to listen to reasonable thoughtful people who support Clinton or Obama, and to stop giving power to extremists who, paraphrasing the diarist, are waging social warfare on ourselves.

    I don't have to support your candidate to respect you, to listen to you, and to know that we have a lot in common.

    I am a gay man.  A vegan.  An animal rights activist, and an environmentalist.

    I cannot directly experience the struggles of woman, or black people, or handicapped people, or other groups whose shoes I have not walked in.  But I know that our struggles have a great deal in common.  And I know that we all have a long way to go before we realize equality for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I look forward to working with people like you in the fall to get a democrat back in the white house.

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    Thanks for sharing your diary. I enjoyed reading it very much.

    I have to admit that I am a gay man, and I am very much not a Hillary supporter.  I honestly don't want to go into why, because that is not why I am leaving a comment and I frankly am sick of comments turning into battle.  I just had to get that out in the air for the sake of honesty, as many here probably know I am not a supporter.

    Having said that, in the wake of the truly insane attacks by supporters of H and O, and being an O supporter myself, I am trying hard to understand why others do support her, and your very personal diary was lovely and inspiring, and is some of the nicest things I have read to help me understand another persons perspective. It is so refreshing to see just positive thoughts on a candidate.

    It really is time for democrats to start healing and ignore the terrible things some of the most extreme people have said on both sides.

    I wish you and yours all the best. And I look forward to joining with people like you in the fall to start turning this country around.

  • You know, I don't know who you support, but I love what you have to say in this comment.

    Both sides have managed to work themselves into a lather and convince themselves that the other democratic candidate is Satan, while McCain gets a pass.

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    No, you seriously have not been listening.  I would never vote for McCain.  My point is that it is insanity to vote for McCain.  I don't like Hillary at all, but in the end, I would gladly vote and cheer her right over the finish line.

    I am a democrat.  My country has been torn to pieces.  Either Obama or Clinton would be a thousand times more sane than McCain.

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    I agree.  No democrat would stoop to that.

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    Nope.  Vote whoever you want. You choice.  Free country.

    I have had lots of great discourse with a lot of interesting and smart people on this board despite the fact that we radically disagree. That's why I am here.

    But anyone who still needs to have it explained to them why they should not vote for McCain, well, we have nothing to discuss. I will not stoop to that level.

    Like I said nothing either dem has done warrants more Neocon policy.  People are dying.  This is too serious.

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    Little Otter.

    If your statement is true it is obscene that you would give the presidency to McCain by not voting for whomever is the Dem.

    Look, I would rather have almost anyone be president instead of Hillary.  Anyone except McCain that is.

    We cannot lose our heads here people.  This is not about Obama or Hillary, this is about the democratic party restoring sanity and getting our country back.

    Hillary has offended me daily for months.  Her behavior is appalling to me.  Obama has offended you .  Probably nothing I can say will change that.

    But if you really are willing to throw away the democratic presidency that is all but guaranteed over a cult of personality and the unwillingness of anyone on either side to see reason, then you are truly a fool.

    So I will spend every minute of every day doing everything I can to get Obama elected. But if Hillary steals the election (which is the only way I feel she can win) I will still vote for her.  It will hurt me, but there is more at stake than Obama.

    Anyone not willing to make the same pledge should stop calling themselves a democrat right here and right now.

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    Oh man...well, geeze, I don't even know what to say to that...

  • on a comment on Republican racist NC ad over 6 years ago

    Tap tap tap...is this thing still on.

    The point is you know damn well this kind of politics are terrible, and Hillary is the master of them.

  • on a comment on Republican racist NC ad over 6 years ago

    Hmmm...maybe I just missed Hillary's exact quote speaking out against the catholic faith, and saying something to the effect of "well, I know it would not be my religion"


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