• Oh, and it helps to have goal posts on wheels so we can move them quickly and easily.

    But most important, it helps to be soundly in debt, and not support democratic candidates for governor.

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    She just needs to win every state to come by huge margins, a time machine, and a lot of people willing to suspend reality and believe every thing they are told.

  • I agree that every democrat on the state parties of these two states should be punished for these stunts they have pulled.

    And don't forget that this is not the first time Michigan at least has tried to pull this crap.

    See my diary here http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/4/26/4243 4/4239 about Terry McAuliffe fighting with Carl Levin in 2004 over this exact same issue.   I think it is telling that McAuliffe was perfectly happy cutting half the delegates out of Michigan's delegation just 4 short years ago when he ran the DNC, but now has a problem with it.

    And before anyone says it, I know McAuliffe was only threatening to cut half and the current DNC folks cut them all, but obviously if this issue came up first in 2004 then again in 2008, something more had to be done or it would never stop.

  • I don't have the rules memorized or in front of me, so I can't get into a rule for rule dialog. I just agree with two views that have lately been coming from very opposing sides.

    1) the Michigan and Florida people should be allowed to have some kind of participation.  This certainly does not mean we should just "seat them as it happened" as that is unfair to the extreme.  
    2) The entire thing has been so botched that any seating at this point short of completely starting over with new primaries, including allowing time for each candidate to campaign (which the states themselves have said is impossible), will result in people being disenfranchised.

    But I am willing to bet there is a way within the rules that allows delegates from these states to participate at some level in the national convention without affecting the results of the states and candidates that did follow the rules. That means no one can get a net gain by changing the policies this late in the game.

    I suggest anyone who is a policy wonk and actually believes in an equitable solution get busy finding a way to make that work within the rules.

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    And if anyone wants to actually do something to help  prevent domestic violence, lets turn this nonsense into some good by giving a donation to any of these or other groups of your choosing that are working to prevent and stop domestic violence...

    National Domestic Violence Hotline at http://www.ndvh.org/support-ndvh/

    National Coalition Against Domestic Violence at http://www.ncadv.org/

    National Network to End Domestic Violence at

    Family Violence Prevention fund at

    Come on people.  We can turn this into some positive. I don't have much right now but I will give $20 tonight.  Please do what you can.

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    You get no pass alegre.  Your diary is disgusting.  Your attempt to make this into something it never was is disgusting.

    But the really sick part is trying to score points, trying to prove some twisted agenda by belittling and making a mockery of the real travesty, the horror, that is domestic violence.  That is incredibly immoral.

    As I said to someone else playing your game earlier tonight, do you really think someone suffering from DV right this minute gives a damn about your blog?  Do you really think they have the luxury of trying to find smoke where there is no fire? Do you really think they give a damn about your perceived slights in this absurd primary?

  • The only fair solution to the Michigan and Florida voters and to the candidates who, unlike the  state party folks, did follow the rules, is to seat half the delegates, and do so in a way that does not affect the outcome of the primary in any way.

    Any other option would disenfranchise too many people. These state parties screwed their constituencies.  The constituencies should still be allowed to partially participate in this historic election, but this entire process has been such a sham on so many people's part, that to allow any of this to affect the outcome of the nomination would be as bad as the 2000 election.

    And let me just preempt the desperate flaming I have read so much of when it comes to this issue. It is wrong to try to get a win for Clinton by moving the goal line around until she is standing in the end zone.

    Cut the delegates in half for breaking the rules.  Then split them between the candidates so no one nets a gain.  Everyone participates and no one steals an advantage out of chaos.

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    While they probably are all biased...er human...I think the imagined evils of Pelosi as far as this primary cycle goes is really not well evidenced.  She just has some opinions that don't conform to Clinton's way of trying to sway the party. Does not mean she supports Obama.

    On the other hand, If you want something to be mad at Pelosi for, be mad that she would not even entertain impeachment. Again, this is something much more important than WHICH democrat becomes president, as long as A democrat does.

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    Indeed, I really appreciate the Clinton supporters who are supporters.  We can disagree and still work towards a common good.

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    I will continue to call BS on anyone who claims to be a liberal and will risk McCain in the fall just because of some perceived slight in this ridiculous primary.

    I really do not like Clinton at all.  I think she is very negative and would be a much worse president than Obama.

    But it is ill-conceived to the point of being ludicrous to fool yourself into thinking that McCain could be contained, or would not be too damaging, or would be a better choice than supporting Barack or Hillary, both of whom would be exponentially better than McCain.

    So despite my intense distaste for her scorched earth campaign, as far as the general public will know I will be one of Clinton's biggest, most   vocal, most ardent supporter if she gets the nomination.  This is too serious to screw it up over this nonsense folks.  People are dying.

    I lived in Texas when Bush2 was elected.  He seemed pretty darn middle of the road before the election. I personally heard him say how he would never allow gay people to become a wedge issue.  How well did that work out?  You still somehow harbor the illusion that you can contain these maniacs if and when they get elected.

    And you argument about the racist church is specious at best.  I don't see you calling for every catholic democrat to denounce a church that has perpetrated unspeakable horrors the Reverend Wright could never even dream of.

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    Oh, I do, I just try not to make others listen to it...it's like fingernails on a chalkboard.  That is what showers are for!

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    Thanks for the great comment.

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    My god, what is with the rash of sensible, honest, thoughtful posts today.

    I am enjoying so much the brilliant people who see through the spin and the kind of negativity we have been poisoned with during Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2.

    Keep up the great work.  Can't wait to work with folks like you this fall all the way to the White House.

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    Happy birthday! I would sing but it is not pretty to hear.

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    Yeah, this was a pretty good diary.  I may be wrong, but I this might be the first non-attack-Obama diary that I have seen make the rec list since I started hanging out here. And what a damn clever way to get it on the rec list.

    Preaching to the choir at Kos gets old.  I like to come here and chat with the reasonable Clinton supporters to actually...get this, ENGAGE THEM IN DIALOG.

    Hopefully some of them may come over, especially when they see the difference between Hillary throwing Bev Purdue and Richard Moore under the bus and Barack putting his considerable support behind the entire party.

    Every day I respect the man more.


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