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    That is really disgusting. They should never let a kid get this emotionally invested in something that he clearly cannot fully understand.

    It is one thing to encourage him to get informed and involved, but it is really sick of them to let this kid sell off his stuff to support any campaign, let alone THIS campaign.

    I will refrain from defining why this campaign is so wrong and how much this kids parents are clearly brainwashing him...if you can't see it now you won't see it based on what I have to tell you.

    Suffice it so say this kid should not be encouraged to become that invested in anything at that age.

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    You are an endless source of sanity and fun in an otherwise barren wasteland sometimes.


  • Your extortion is absurd.  You would allow kids to keep getting killed because your cult of personality did not pan out?

    It's like the Shire in this thread, one troll after another.

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    First off this is nonsense.  What a remarkable source you have that no one else in the universe has.  What a load of crap and a thinly disguised troll.

    Further, this diary is an insult to the Governors in question.

    The diarist clearly implies that none of the Governors would be qualified to be VP, and that they only got the offer because they had a superdelegate vote to trade for it.

    I'll tell you one thing, I support any of these hard working folks for VP before HRC.

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    This dairy: http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/5/11/1259 /46061

    Then this diary: http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/5/9/21356 /66699

    Then go start doing something positive work towards beating McCain rather than listening to Alegre try to get people frothing at the mouth, again and again and again.

    It's time we start doing something positive rather than just pissing and moaning, or McCain will really give us something to cry about, as my mother likes to say.

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    Thank you for this diary.  I know that many of us, for HRC or BO, have been through a lot and have very strong feelings. I have been very vocal about harshly criticising any HRC or BO supporter for claiming they will vote for McCain or not at all if their candidate didn't get in. I think it is equally important to let folks like you know how much I respect what you just did and say how much I look forward to working with thoughtful people like you.

    I happen to be very happy with BO, I know you have been a strong HRC supporter. I am impressed that you put this up here and that it got rec'd. I sincerely hope you can start to see some of the really positive things many of us see in BO, but I know it might take a while to go there.

    I have said all along if HRC gets the nomination, even though I would not be happy and it would be hard for me, I would do everything in my power to be a vocal supporter, give donations, and vote for her in the fall.

    Having said all of that, It seems to me that any of us who still can think past all that has happened knows that McCain must be stopped at all cost.  In the end, it is the first, highest, and only priority.

    It is downright scary that McCain is doing as well as he is already, and we have to turn it around.  We can take nothing for granted.  I still remember vividly when everyone I knew thought the current Bush was so stupid he could not possibly beat Gore, and here we are.

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  • Did anyone ever take her seriously?

    I agree.  Actually, to be fair to HRC, the two or three shills here who are on the rec list daily not only stick to the propaganda perfectly, but then go to heinous extremes lower than anything HRC ever has done.

    Every day there is something on the rec list here that qualifies for 'the most vile thing I can find on the internet' award for that day. I read them like I used to listen to Limbaugh...to know how bad it can get.

    Are they paid? I don't think so. If you could find a paper trail back to any mainstream candidate from the kind of things that have been said on this site, it could kill a candidacy overnight. This kind of sickness and obsession can't be bought.

  • We all know that if McCain wins many more people will die. Period.

    This is all that matters to me, and I do put it long before hurt feelings.  

    As much as Hillary has angered me, I will give her all the money I can and help her campaign in any way I can if she is the nominee.

    Anyone who puts anything else in front of people's lives gets nothing from me.

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    A "progressive" choosing to not vote against Republicans this fall for ANY reason is inexcusable.

    I don't give a damn what anyone thinks or how bad their feelings are hurt. Let's stop playing games or pandering to insanity. They should just switch parties now and get it over with.

    If you will not vote for Obama in the fall then you personally will be responsible for more dead American soldiers and many more dead innocent civilians.  Period.

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    I am gay and I can't wait for Clinton to lose. Every gay person I know can't wait for Clinton to lose.

    I have lost every shred of respect I ever had for her, (which was thin to begin with...I just thought maybe she had a bad rap from her husband and she was alright...nope.)

    I now know she would betray us on every promise she has ever made, just as fast as her husband betrayed gay people with DOMA and Don't Ask Don't Tell.

    I am embarrassed for her. It is like watching a very slow motion train wreck. And watching people like the daily-rec'd-diary-fanclub is just as embarrassing.

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    You really don't think HRC and BO could win? Huh. Many in both camps would be pissed and harbor hard feelings, but it would probably be unstoppable. I do think you are right that she would not take it, and will run again in 2012.

    There is not need to bash HRC. I don't want her to get nominated or be VP but I still respect her right to run and fight, and there is no call to bash her.

    As for choosing HRC for his running mate, there are benefits to this, but I don't think it is the right choice. I have full faith and confidence that Obama will surprise many with a choice pundits are not yet suggesting.

  • My god, for anyone on Mydd to be upset at Obama support showing up, is truly laughable.  You folks have been so unbelievably biased, unfair, and absurd in your support for Hillary, it is beyond the pale.

    I know it is hard for you to believe but many of us here support Obama and want the balance of information besides the never ending chorus of Hillary's cheers

  • That's why I said I absolutely feel the entire process needs to play out.  Let every remaining state vote.  This is critical at this point.

    But this guy switching is not preempting anything or denying any part of the process, it is him exercising his right to vote for whom he sees fit for the reasons he feels important, and it is equally his right to try and sway anyone he wants, just as it is the right of people like you and me to blog our opinions and hope we influence someone to vote for the candidate we support.

    But it is unfair to expect SD's to wait silently in the wings until some pre-ordained moment when someone feels it is finally OK for them to speak their minds.

    Let every SD vote for whom they want when they want.  Let every state have their vote.  And yes, I do think FL and MI are already resolved it is just up to the DNC to make it final.


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