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    Clinton's behavior in this delegate dispute, and the behavior of her campaign which she fully endorses, is just another perfect example of why she lost so badly, and why she cannot be allowed to be president or vice president.

    The only thing unfair about todays ruling is that not one single delegate from Michigan and Florida should have been allowed to be seated. Anything else is a travesty.

    And any democrat with a conscience and a sense of ethics should turn their backs on Clinton, Ickes, McCauliff, and all the rest as her campaign does its level best to sabotage democrats in the general election.

    It is shameful and disgusting.

  • That's awesome.  I'm vegan for ethical reasons myself. Though I won't be eating much of anything this week after writing a check to Earthjustice tonight. I'm broke but the hunting season is fast approaching and something has to be done to stop it.

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    I am glad that we can disagree and still discuss the issues. I respect your opinion and do not mean to upset anyone.

    As for being antagonistic, I certainly do not intend it to be.  To be honest, I think it does not make sense that any pro-Obama, or in this case pro-Naral, message is considered antagonistic to Hillary.  It really is not all about Hillary.

    In fact, in a diary that is clearly in favor of the endorsement that Naral made, this is very specifically the most appropriate time and place to make a comment showing that I favor that decision and will put my money where my mouth is.

    I actually think that your criticism of my support for Naral endorsing Obama in a diary that is specifically about folks celebrating that decision is the comment that is arguably most out of place.

    I felt it was very important, especially in light of all the incredibly nasty comments and diaries here and the nasty comments on Naral's website, to show that there are many who supported their decision too.

    What was antagonistic, I feel, was the overwhelming show of petulance by many on the MyDD users towards Naral making what they felt was the right decision at the right time.

    And to be frank, most of the country has moved past the HRC candidacy.  It really is past time, many of us feel, for all Democrats to be working towards defeating McCain. I do understand that it will take time for many who supported HRC to get to that point, and that is fine.  I have been very disappointed by almost every election in my life and I know that feeling well. It is not a comfortable place to be.

    But I don't think it is fair for people to ask the country to wait while HRC supporters mourn, any more than it would be fair for me to ask HRC supporters to just forget about their feelings and move on.

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    Agreed.  Wrote them a letter and made (another) donation to them tonight to thank them for doing the right thing and taking a principled stand.

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    Booyah indeed.

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    zcflint and psychodrew

    You two rock.  While I know we strongly disagree on candidates, it is because of damn smart folks like you that I don't write off MyDD completely.

    I have seen several things each of you have said that, to be honest, are some of the first and best things I have seen from any HRC supporters. You have put everything in perspective for me as an Obama supporter.  After thinking hard about what you two have said, I can at least understand the opposing view much better.

    I really, really look forward to working with folks like you, supporters of either candidate, but people smart enough to keep their eyes on the real goal, in the future. Thanks for your thoughtful work here.

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    That is patently untrue, and you have literally nothing to back this up with.  This is pure insulting nonsense.

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    Oh, and thanks for reminding me to write Naral a letter thanking them for doing the right thing and endorsing Obama.

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    When one person tells you that you have a tail, you can laugh at them.

    When a second person tells you that you have a tail, they are probably crazy too.

    If ten people tell you that you have a tail, you should probably turn around and check your ass to see if you have a tail.

    What I love about the diaries ripping apart anyone who dares not endorse HRC, is the continued unwillingness for some to admit that HRC is not the best candidate, despite being literally buried in evidence to the contrary.

    The thing I like next best about some of these diaries is the willingness for people to condemn all of our allies; First it was a few, then several, then thousands and now millions of brilliant hard working people that some here would say are misguided, or deluded, or bigoted, or uninformed, or politically motivated, or just plain stupid...all because they do not live in your cult of personality over HRC.

    It started off with a few pundits that you all condemned.  Then you started condemning any politicians who backed Obama early. Then you started condemning all the voters in states that went to Obama. Then you started condemning the vast majority of Democrats as they let this "travesty" happen, and now you are willing to condemn folks like Edwards and Naral, both of whom finally got a spine and admitted Obama is a better candidate. These are people that are doing some of the most important work in the world, and you would condemn them for your whims.

    Here is the thing folks.  If you still think that HRC is going to be the canidate, or that it will be unfair that she is not going to be the candidate, or that you will vote for a freaking war mongering republican if HRC is not the candidate...I hate to be the one that has to tell you, but...

    You have a tail.

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    This speech in my opinion was the single most important moment for gay rights in either campaign.  

    Chelsea in a gay bar just pisses me off.  Obama having the guts to chastise a black church for the way evangelical black churches have treated gays was amazing.

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    I really like the way you say this.  I don't like her as my comment in this dairy says, but it really is no contest between her and McFuckhead. I will be among her loudest advocates if she is on the ticket, as you said:

    We fight in the ring until our nominee emerges and then go after McSame with all the passion and gusto of a determined, united party

    That says it best.  Once we have a nominee I am moving on 100%, even if it ends up being Hillary.  Too much is at stake.

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    I am:

    A gay man
    An unwavering Obama supporter
    I intensely dislike both HRC, and her campaign
    I like Bill Clinton even less
    And I know Obama will be better for GLBT issues

    Despite all excuses to the contrary (and I have heard them all since the day it happened which I remember well), I believe Bill Clinton sold gays out as badly as anyone in  history ever has without even so much as an easily overridden token veto to DOMA. He also sucked on DADT.

    I am so glad HRC won't be the nominee and hope she won't be VP.

    Having said all that, I have said since day one that I will stop all criticism, give her donations, lobby for her and vote for her if she is the nominee. Anything else is insane.

    No matter how much I dislike HRC, she is a world apart from McCain.

  • And the thought that Bill or Hillary Clinton would actually take this money...oh god, I can't even think about it without my head exploding.


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