• I'm not sure.  I tend to dislike starfucker stunts, but I didn't follow it closely.

  • It's not like someone made the choice of 'let's not be funny instead let's be political'.

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    Are you really suggesting that the Obama campaign is "unwittingly" harming the netroots now?

    No, I'm just recounting a conversation.  I'm leaving value judgments out of it.

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    Well, I would say that he is using a very different rhetorical strategy and is pushing much less radical ideas than we are.  He doesn't listen to blogs, he doesn't care what we write, and he is responsive to other audiences.  Is that good or bad?  Well, he's certainly bringing in massive amounts of money and energy, so I can see the argument that he has made the right choices.  I don't agree that he is running a winning strategy, but I could be wrong.  Listening to blogs may not be particularly important, as we are a small percentage of the populace.  There are other power centers that beat us regularly.

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    Isn't that the narrative that you yourself have been pushing?

    Well, I do think Obama's buzz is dying, which is what my friend reflected back at me.  But I don't see Obama as the internet candidate who is working well with the internet political space.  Insiders do tend to see him this way.

    It's just one data point, and it's not meant to suggest anything about Obama.  It's more about the establishment people and what they think.

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    I was talking to an influential friend in New York politics, trying to work with him on a netroots project.  And he told me that the rap on Obama is that despite his internet savvy and his blog-awesomeness, he's not moving in the polls.  So my friend can't convince other insiders that the internet is relevant, because Obama's not moving in the polls despite his apparently amazing internet campaign.

    I explained that Obama isn't working with the netroots, and that seemed to make sense.  But I thought this was an interesting narrative that Obama is unwittingly creating.

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    Does this help clarify the situation?

    "My pitch to the business community was, `You want a lot from us, but you're now siding with the hard right,'" said the second senior House Democratic aide. "This card check bill is never going to see the light of day, and this is what you're going to spend your political capital on?"

  • "By the same logic, MoveOn.org's failure to push for the Vice-President's impeachment makes it complicit in the congressional dereliction of duty to defend the Constitution, if not the Vice-President's crimes. MoveOn.org supporters are overwhelmingly in favor of bringing the Vice-President to justice through impeachment. We must demand that MoveOn.org whip the votes for justice or the lash of tyranny will forever scar our collective conscience."

    All of us are complicit.  Every American.

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    Why shouldn't labor do this?  I mean, CWA likes to think it works in this space.

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    Make it yours.

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    Interesting.  I'm curious if the drop in Edwards support mirrors overall sagging polling numbers.  The evidence is mixed on that.  I'm also curious to see if the next Dkos straw poll will show this trend as well.

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    Gore is not my candidate, I'm just saying that IF he jumps in and runs a progressive campaign he will be a progressive candidate in the race.  IF.  IF.  When did reading comprehension go out of style?

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    Yeah, I'm not making that argument.

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    I don't know that there's any hard and fast rule, but I imagine that in such a scenario, he should spend some time making a very explicit disclaimer.

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    That's reasonable.  He made a political mistake and hurt his boss a bit.  Not a huge foul.


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