Congratulations Hillary! from an Obama fan

Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters on her victory in South Dakota!  Well done.

I wanted to create a thread where Obama fans can offer sincere congratulations and acknowledge everything great about Hillary.  And for that matter, Hillary fans can do the same for Obama.  I hope everyone will respect the intent of this diary with your POSITIVE, gracious comments.

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Feminists for floor fights

Some believe Clinton is the stronger candidate for the GE.  At the same time, the length and bitterness of her campaign is taking a toll on her ability to mobilize the base.

I believe a floor fight at the convention would be the undoing of the nominee, WHOEVER it is... that the base would be so divided, we would not coalesce around either candidate.  This would doom the party in the general, no matter who's nominated.  This is not a particularly novel opinion.

Does this make me sexist - wanting Clinton to step aside rather than take this to the convention?

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Hillary Democrats - Step Away from the Floor!

I've taken the liberty of turning TexasDarlin's diary around so we can all hear how it sounds the other way.  Please know - it's not personal.  This Texan honors her commitment to Democratic ideals and to an amazing Democratic leader, Sen. Hillary Clinton.)

It's projected that Barack Obama will have more delegates than Hillary Clinton.  He's already far ahead, and the gap just continues to grow.  The party is coalescing around him as the presumptive nominee.

Yet some Clinton supporters seem anxious to seize any possible grounds or means to thwart this outcome.  They must have limited imaginations, not realizing how it would outrage half the party to elevate the loser of the nomination process over the clear winner.

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