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    I sent a donation a few minutes ago, too.  I'd been meaning to do it as a show of respect, just never got around to it.  I loved the intro video and her speech.

    I donated through the email I got from Michelle Obama, too.  She inspired me with her speech, too.

  • "face the music folks, it is over"

    Funny, not so long ago, Hillary supporters didn't like to be told this same thing.  Many considered it not only disrespect, but evidence of mysogyny.  My, how times have changed!

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    Why limit the qualifications the way you have?  I mean, if you just focus on Hillary's strong points, then of course it'll be hard to figure out why she's not the VP candidate.  She has weak points as well, including some that are serious and unique.  Nobody will cast the kind of shadow that Hillary and Bill will.  

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    An essential part of the VP's job is not to upstage the President.  I'm not sure Hillary and Bill could play that secondary role well, no matter how hard they tried.  Not many people in the country have that problem, including Biden.

  • Hey, I really like [your diary].  ;-)  Thanks for helping me remember what it looks like to gracefully rebound from a hard-fought nomination fight.

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    The "vague starry eyed wet behind the ears guy" is making your voice and mine MORE important in our democracy, by reducing the influence of big money on our political system.

    Not bad for someone who isn't even president yet.

  • Also - this is why I didn't ever push for Hillary to concede, and why Obama didn't either.  Pressuring someone only creates resistance and pushback, because people don't like being told what to do.  And they look weak/compliant if they do as they're told, which isn't the look a Presidential contender is aiming for.

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    I'm in too.  I haven't always been careful in how I talk to people here.  I'm trying.

    In a diary meant to bring everyone together, it's hard to hear you take for granted that Hillary will be VP.  Please show some respect to our nominee by not presuming anything until he's made a decision.  If Hillary were the nominee, I'd respect her right to make her own decision, using her best judgment, without being bullied or coerced by others.

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    How about pack analysis, or primate analysis?

    Clinton's challenging the pack leader.  Her "leveraging" is an attempt to show that she's got the power and he has to depend on her.  She's trying to be alpha.

    Obama can't back down, BECAUSE she's initiated a power play, and he can't give in without appearing weak.  Appearing weak isn't a great option, because it's crappy for his image politically.  So he now is forced by political necessity to make a public showing of doing this on his terms.

    If Clinton truly wants VP, I don't think this was a very strategic way for her to play it.

    On CNN too, I saw people saying a similar thing in different language/metaphor.  Someone said this is a good time for her to demonstrate the willingness to be second fiddle, a quality a VP must have.  And instead she's going head-to-head with him.  That's not what she needed to do.  

    I'll also note that Bill needed to show he could fade into the background, and instead he just had another big outburst.  Hillary can only be VP if she and Bill are content to step out of the spotlight and defer to President Obama.

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    Alegre, I admire your loyalty.  I'm sure it's moving to Hillary, knowing that there are so many people as dedicated to her campaign as she is herself, and that she'll have your support whatever she does.  Not only that - you're there with her, sharing all the joy and pain of her campaign at every turn.  She is not alone, and will not be lonely.

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    On CNN, there was a great comment that this was an opportunity for Hillary to show humility and the ability to play second fiddle to Obama.  This is a NECESSARY quality in a VP.  She did not show it - she used her speech not to share the spotlight, but to occupy it herself.  CNN's pushing that she shot herself in the foot, giving a speech like this right now, if she truly wants the VP position.

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    BTW - I think many people have recognized the sexism for a long time!  I certainly have, and all the Obama supporters I run with.  So the recognition isn't limited to Hillary partisans.  No candidate will be immune from systemic oppression, and especially no woman, person of color, or member of any other marginalized group.

    Great diary - rec'd.

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    Hear, hear!  It sucks that we have to celebrate Obama breaking one historic barrier, and at the same time regret that we have to keep waiting for someone else to break the gender barrier.

    At the very least, we now know that a woman or person of color can ABSOLUTELY be competitive, as in breaking-all-records competitive, for the highest political office in the land.  Assuming the party is able to unite in support of the nominee, there will never again be talk that "America may not be ready..."

    Of course, if we don't unite for November, future female candidates will be viewed with great concern.  There will be a fear that any female candidate would split the party in a way that can't be healed in time for the nomination.  And that'll hang around the neck of any female candidate who looks at all competitive.  It's an unfair aspect of systemic sexism.  

    Similarly, if Obama loses the White vote badly, it'll be hung around the neck of all future candidates of color.  With great opportunity comes great risk, and vice versa, I guess.

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    The leverage of being gracious and graceful while everybody else argues the merits, instead of personally appearing to resort to pressure tactics.  Nobody responds well to that, and nobody looks good responding to that.  I don't think she's being very strategic about this.

    I wonder if she doesn't know better, or if she's trying to undermine her supposed bid for VP.

  • I think she should be considered for VP, but that she should also have to go through the same process as any other VP candidate.  I see more than one factor - not just who can gross a ton of supporters. For me that's a key consideration, but absolutely not decisive.  There's a lot to be weighed.

    I actually consider it pretty presumptuous of anyone to demand the VP slot.  If Hillary had won by 5 delegates, I would not expect her to take Obama as VP.  I wouldn't even be surprised if they really dislike each other right now!  And I don't think that's a recipe for a successful leadership team.  

    Hillary deserves a leadership position at the national level, but I wouldn't presume to say what position.


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