Sen. Ted Kennedy to have brain surgery today.

Just pulled this from CNN.

He is scheduled to enter surgery at 6AM PST, (9AM EST) which is about an hour and 45 minutes from now.

Lets keep him in our thoughts today, in wishing him a sucessful surgery.

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John McCain Prank Calls Hillary Clinton

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Memorial Day tribute to Democratic servicemen!

Today is Memorial Day, obviously, (at least it still is on the West Coast!) and much to my surprise, there were a couple of tributes to John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, when I woke up this morning.

Now, I can more than appreciate Senator McCain's service to our country, but I had to wonder why prominent Democratic servicemen weren't being honored as well. I asked TexasDarlin this on her thread.

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Has anyone noticed...

My apologies for the short diary, but I just wanted to highlight the poll tracker on MyDD's front page.

I wonder how many heads are going to explode when even MyDD shows Obama with a viable General Election map?

Just so I don't get reported, how about a Poll?

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The Cold, Hard (Partially estimated) Numbers

Since people seem to be throwing around the popular vote metric lately, I thought I would do some research included and taken from the_2008_Democratic_Party_presidential_p rimaries

Popular Vote Count (through May 21, 2008)[9] -- not all Oregon results in yet

Not Including FL and MI-

Barack Obama - 16,997,348
Hillary Clinton - 16,438,012

Obama Spread +559,336

Including FL, but not MI-

Barack Obama - 17,573,562
Hillary Clinton - 17,308,998

Obama Spread + +264,564

Including FL, and MI seated as is -

Barack Obama - 17,573,562
Hillary Clinton - 17,637,307

Clinton Spread +63,745

Including FL, and giving Obama the "Uncomitted" vote in MI

Barack Obama - 17,811,730
Hillary Clinton - 17,637,307

Obama Spread +174,423

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