What did you do to elect a Democrat today?

Pause for a moment.  Look around and sigh.

In years, did you ever imagine that the focus of the political world, and the media world, would be the race for the Democratic nomination?  Well, it is.

Regardless of which candidate you support, be proud.  Be damn proud .  Because here is the thing: Our issues, be they tax relief, Iraq, health care, or education, have dominated this primary season.  And we are so blessed to have two strong candidates, fighting for our party, and fighting for the issues that we so care about, as true Dems.

I make no mistake about who I am.  I support Barack Obama.  I believe that he will make a great President.  I am also a Democrat.  Period.  

Senator Clinton has served this country honorably.  She is a champion of universal health care, she has fought for our veterans, and she has committed herself to ending the war in Iraq.

Yet even though we are presented with this great choice, we have spoiled it.  

We bicker amongst ourselves. We tear eachother down, we focus on immaterial issues presented by the other side as a reason for voting against one candidate, or the other.

I am a Democrat.  Period.  And I will do everything I can to see a Democrat put his or her hand on the Bible, and take the oath of office.  And I will do everything to make sure John McCain does not.

Do the same. Take that same oath.  Turn the knives away from each other.  

Enjoy the choice we have.  Few are so lucky.

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