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    ...even without Warner.  Gilmore barely won the GOP Senate Nomination this weekend, by roughly 65 votes, despite outspending his challenger 14-1.  Current GOP leadership in Virginia is quite cool towards Gilmore as well.  John Warner has yet to give an endorsement, and Rep. Tom Davis has only stated he'd vote for Gilmore, nothing more, while indicating some underlying resentment towards Gilmore.

    When asked Wednesday at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast whether he would endorse Gilmore, Davis deflected the question.

    "I'm a Republican; I'm going to vote for Gilmore," he said.

    When pressed whether he would endorse the nominee, he said: "What do you mean? Am I going to go up and put my arm around him and say, `Jim, you've always been my best friend'? "

    After briefly walking away, he offered: "Jim needs to do outreach. Jim doesn't talk to anybody.
    "I'll support the Republican."

    A good friend of mine who knows VA politics well told me that former LG Don Beyer is waiting in the wings should Warner be tapped for VP.  I'm willing to bet that Beyer, despite losing to Gilmore in 1997, can beat in in the new Virginia.

    http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/sen. -warner-avoids-backing-would-be-gop-succ essor-2008-06-04.html

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    ...or maybe after watching HRC and BO for months, I'm spoiled.

    1.  He should have started his speech closer to 8 pm.  He had to know that if his speech ran close to 9, networks were going to cut away and deal with Obama becoming the presumptive nominee.  

    2.  Podium speaking is, shall we say, not his strong point.  Given the massive audience he had last night, he would have been much better served speaking with mic in hand and basically giving a tweaked stump speech.  

    3.  At some point, he'll probably read the words "now laugh at punchline" off the teleprompter.  

    McCain had a chance to really draw a stark contrast with Obama last night.  I think he did draw such a stark contrast, but not one that his campaign wanted.  

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    ...not just for this diary, but for all that you have done to elect a Democrat this election season.

    If we stand united, McCain does not stand a chance.  

  • Seconded...

    I still haven't been able to talk football since that cold February night...

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    Hmmm...again, viewed through this hypothetical, I would think any of these Ambassador positions:  NATO, EU or UN.  

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    ...is probably on Clinton's "short list" of things that she would accept in exchange for dropping out.  According to the report over at TPM, there are three options being discussed.  Clearly VP is at the top of the list.

    Question is, what else could be on that list?  What are the other two?  Attorney General?  SCOTUS?  Senate Majority Leader?  Secretary of HHS?  I'm just spitballing here....

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    ...from taking this shot at Obama:

    http://thepage.time.com/mccain-statement -criticizing-obama-on-veterans-bill/

    "Unlike Senator Obama, my admiration, respect and deep gratitude for America's veterans is something more than a convenient campaign pledge."

    If his admiration, respect and gratitude is so deep, he could have shown up and cast his vote against Webb's bill, and stated on the Senate floor his reasons why.  

    But that's just me.  

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    ...this diary would have been titled:  "See, he's too weak!  He can't fight back!  We need a fighter in the White House!"

    And so on....

    We get it...he's going to have to earn the support of former Hillary supporters and most of you still don't like him.  We get it.  

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    The "informing people" bit.

    I help run a pretty big sports related message board, and without question the biggest complaints we got from users was deleting messages/posts without telling people why.  People are surprisingly cool with their posts getting deleted if they're at least told why.  I'd imagine the same would hold true here.  If people aren't being told what they did wrong, then they can't get better at what they're trying to do.

    Just my couple o' haypennies...

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    My friend, the first year is by far the toughest.  Enjoy!!!

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    Agreed.  We're on the cusp of something special coming our way in the fall...

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    http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/files/elect ions/2008/by_state/NE_Page_0513.html?SIT E=NEOMAELN&SECTION=POLITICS

    43% in...

    Kleeb, Scott    Dem    31,020    66%
    Raimondo, Tony    Dem    12,533    27%

  • A great night to be a Democrat, with huge turnout in W. Va., Childers's win, and what looks to be Kleeb's win in Nebraska's Senate Primary.

    But more than anything, congratulations and kudos to Senator Clinton, and all of her supporters, who worked so hard for tonight's win.  No matter which of our candidates will be the next President (because one of them will be) we are witnessing the start of something great for the Democratic party, at every level.

    Congrats again!

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    ...that we'd be this fired up for a Democratic Primary for a Senate seat in Nebraska?

    This is great, great night to be a Democrat.  I really want Kleeb to pull this out, so I can wear my "Kleeb for Senate" shirt tomorrow here in DC with pride...

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    Agreed...me too.  


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