• Some dolt signed up at My Left Wing under your name today and started something...

    I don't have MANY rules over there, but one of them is "no pretending to be other real people." I mean, sure, one can sign up as Angelina Jolie... no danger of Angelina wandering onto my blog. But there is a microscopic chance YOU might one day feel a need to come over for one reason or other.

    Anyway... it was dealt with. Swiftly and, actually, bluntly. I erased all evidence of it. Deleted the comment and the user.

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    of the original version at my blog, and I think it bears repeating here, for those not inclined to visit the original version:

    I've been thinking about it since Konopelli posted his essay, and since I posted this essay...

    Something to the effect that -- Limbaugh et al. are using the naivete of people like the ones in the picture to frighten ignorant whites into thinking that Obama is going to turn all his attention to THEM and give THEM all the stimulus money.

    I mean, that's the impression I'M getting. I don't know if that was Kono's impression, because he posted the picture and then -- well, I may have missed it, but it strikes me he then didn't refer to it again in his post.

    But that's what it seems to ME is happening right now. Race baiting. A not particularly sophisticated brand of it -- I mean, how sophisticated can race baiting BE, really? Subtle, I guess, it can be -- subtle to the untrained or uneducated or ignorant ear. Or the INEXPERIENCED ear. Just as with those of us who have never been exposed to ANTI-SEMITIC baiting, for example... I was UTTERLY unaware of that "dog whistle" stuff. And still, a lot of it gets by me. And a lot of black/white race baiting gets by me, I have no doubt of it.

    Any way. This strikes me as a ripe topic for discussion, as the race issue in America always is, still, to this day -- and likely will be for at least a couple more generations.

    I know I ended on a grand philosophical note, but the fact is, it began with the Limbaugh garbage.

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     I mean, when you call yourself a TEABAGGER without the slightest sense of irony, without CLUE ONE that you've just anointed yourself with a moniker that many, many people know to be a QUITE lewd nickname...

    Yeah. I'd say you're out of fuckin' touch.

    "Teabag Obama!"

    Yeah, okay there, bubba. You RIGHT ahead and do that. I'm sure the Secret Service will be HAPPY to let you teabag the President.

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     God, I hate that smarmy, incompetent boob.
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    But I WILL say this, not to be TOO conceited...

    On the night that Obama gave the keynote in 2004, I called my friend April and told her, "I just heard the first black American President give a great speech."

    I just didn't know he'd be President in 2008.

    When Edwards dropped out, I was on board with Obama. I'd been wistful about him ever since he declared, actually, but was always an Edwards supporter, and loath to switch teams in midstream. Also, I loved his message. When "le scandale" broke, I was furious and heartbroken. But by then I was all about the O-Man, so Edwards was old news, anyway.

    Anyway, thanks for the post.

  •  You got me. This is all a Halloween prank.

    I'm really a supply-side capitalist in favour of a flat tax.

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      Only a couple people have voiced the same feelings at MLW. I was feeling a little crazy. Now I'm feeling less so.

    But the media is still looking REALLY fucking crazy.

  •  I heard some right wing surrogate lightweight yesterday respond to a query about Palin's inaccessiblity by saying Obama was the most "stage managed and scripted" candidate he'd ever seen...

    I was surprised his pants didn't spontaneously combust.

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     He comes back with shit they never anticipated.

    It's called "winning." Get used to it.

  •  And everything, really...

    Davis and McCain...

    What total DUMB douchebags.


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