Party Chez O'Connor This Saturday

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Who: You, That's Who
What: Party, Feast, Gala, Soiree, Shindig, Bacchanal, Festivity, Clambake, BBQ, Fiesta, Orgy, Whatever
Where:Chez Moi, Sherman Oaks, CA
When: Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, 3pm - Whenever

Email Me for Directions and Contact Information should my directions be lousy (as they invariably are)...

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Sorry for the short notice...

It only just occurred to me that some of you here might live in the LA area and be up for a little diversion!

If so, you're quite welcome to join the MLWers and Kossacks of old at my place. I'll be preparing some vegan fare, but there'll be all sorts of foodstuffs. I'm a recovered alcoholic and there'll be some of those, but also many, MANY drinkers -- so, veggers and meat eaters, nondrinkers and drunkards  -- a few kids, some greybeards and some youthful types...

Please feel free to email me and join the fun!

by Maryscott OConnor 2008-08-21 06:55PM | 0 recs

Sadly, Kysen + Guest will be unable to attend this event.

Despite our absence, I hope that it is a smashing success!


by Kysen 2008-08-21 08:54PM | 0 recs


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