Another Obama attack on civil liberties

Obama's DOJ is now appealing a ruling that 3rd country nationals who are transported to Bagram airport in Afghanistan can file habeus corpus.

On June 17, 2008, Obama said without qualification that the prisoners at Guantanomo DID have the right to file habeus corpus peitions.

So why is Bagram different from Guantanomo?

Combine this with the FISA vote, the recent claim of sovereign immunity and state secrets in the telecom eavesdropping case and one can reasonbly conclude that this President doesn't believe in civil liberties or the Bill of Rights.

Add that to Larry Summer's unmitigated determination to bail out his friends, the bankers, at the expense of the taxpayers; the preclusion of a single payer health reform; the apparent dropping of the public health plan option; the refusal to pursue war crimes trials; the failure to end don't ask don't tell; the lack of administration support for card check; and I'm being to regret working and voting for this guy.

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Lanny Davis is shilling for corporate masters and

and against unions.  Just watched his embarrassing performance on the Ed Show.  Any Democratic candidate who allows this anti-union shyster nears his/her campaign should be denied all union and working family support.

Davis is shameless in what he will do for a buck.

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Why is Geitner so determined to bail out his buds @ Citi

his plan it just a hash over of Paulson's rejected plan from last September: reward the miscreants and screw the taxpayer.

I'm done with this Administation.  Just like Clinton, he cavils to Wall Street and sticks it to the middle class. This is not change.

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socializing goldman's losses

Bernake's refusal today to disclose the counterparts paid by AIG from taxpayers funds given to that insolvent company is distrubing and without justification. Those payments have to be disclosed immediately.

It is also clear that Geitner's latest iteration is just another effort to get taxpayers to buy "toxic assets" from Goldman and others at inflated prices.

How many bank rescue plans do the boys at Goldman get to float before we get down to putting Citi and others into receivership?

When will US banking policy stop being written on Broad Street, NY,NY and start being written on Main Street, USA instead.

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Who would you put on Bill Maher's list?

On his show Friday night, Bill suggested that it was time for the US to treat its Wall Street miscreants in the same fashion that China had its corporate miscreants. He then recounted the fate of the Chinese executives responsible for the milk poisoning that kills so many children.  They were executed.

Maher suggested that, given the damage to the US economy done by the "masters of the universe," isn't it time for us to compile a similar list?

Maher nominated Dick Fuld of Lehman.

I'd add Sandy Weill, Charles Prince, Mizolo, Thain, Nardelli.

Some would say that these guys (and its almost exclusively guys, isn't it) have done more damage to our country and the world than OBL and deserve a comparable consequence for their actions.

Who's on your list?

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