• Isn't this how E. Howard Hunt started down the long sad trail?


    What did Boehner know and when did he know it?

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    The question is who.

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    If a loved one of mine had suffered because of the abuses that Haddassah's clients had perpetuated, I want to get very personal with both Lieberpeople.  Corleone was wrong! Nothing is just business.  It's all personal.

    This guy and his wife are lying hypocrites and should be expelled from civil society along with Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln, never mind the Democratic Party.

    But Komen obviously cares more about keeping its friends in high places than breast cancer victims who can't get care because of rapacious insurance and drug companies.  Good to know.

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    Portland succeeded in forcing thousand of its workers to find affordable housing in Vancouver, Wash. and commute to the city everyday.

    Commutes are longer, take time away from families, contribute to air pollution and traffic congestion and cause millions in income tax revenues to go the the State of Washington instead of the State of Oregon.  All desirable outcomes - not.

    Localities should be required to write their land use regulations to provide housing for every worker in their jurisdiction and not be allowed to shift the housing of their workers from their jurisdiction to another locality or state along with the burden of educating the children of those workers.  This is sometimes referred to as the "Mount Laurel" doctrine after a famous case upholding this proposition in New Jersey.

    Every survey since WWII has shown that 80% of Americans want to live in a single family detached house.  Experience has shown that Americans will "drive 'til they qualify" to achieve this end.   We're not talking McMansions, just modest homes on quarter acre lots. Snob zoning distorts otherwise sensible settlement patterns by forcing workers to drive ever greater distances to afford that single family home.

    Simply stated every locality's comprehensive plan should provide for 1 single family house for every 2 projected jobs and 1 multi-family dwelling unit for every 8 jobs because 20% of workers will prefer to avoid the upkeep and other burdens of home ownership or will not earn enough money to meet the financial obligations of a single family home.

    Can someone explain when it became Democratic orthodoxy to support snob zoning? You'd expect that from Republicans.

  • like a hack pol and answer a straight question:  if the finance committee reports out a bill with mandates for individuals and small business but without a public mandate, should Democrats pass that bill?

  • Only someone who knows nothing about this issue could cavalierly state that a bill with the Max tax is better than the current system.

    I will give every last dollar I can scrounge to primary any Democrat who fails to support a public option and, thus, supports a tax on the middle class and a multi-billion dollars windfall to the bloodsucking health insurancers.  As of now Conrad, Lincoln and Bacus are at the top of the list

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    Bank bailouts to protect Goldman, Citi & JP Morgan.

    Health care reform to deliver Aetna Cigna and the other blood suckering health insurers a windfall.

    Senate committee chairmanships to protect Leiberman.

    FISA reform to protect the telcoms.

    Torture investigation to protect the torturers.

    Now, Barry is the super-mayor of Chicago or is it super-Governor of Illinois.  It's way too parochial; way too pork barrell and beneath the dignity of the office.  Send Billary, Biden or the Secretary of Commerce.

    What's next, will he soon be lobbying for World Bank to hold it's next meeting in Chitown?  How about an ABA mtg or a Shriners convention?

    Sherrod Brown, please announce that you will primary this guy in '02! Please! Please!

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    Is he a friend of Joe Wilson or has Barry done something to really ticked him off?

  • Time to primary Barry

  • muck out the whole stall?

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    on public option; despite the fact that a solid majority of the American public (55-77%) support it.

    It's just the latest betrayal by Backstabbing Barry.

    Enough.  Who can we get to primary this guy?

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    Until there is a trial in this case, I cannot know the evidence of individual culpability and cannot reach a conclusion on punishment.

    There was no evidence of complicity by higher ups at Biscari.

    I've written several times in this thread that if the grunts fully disclose what happened and testify against the superiors, I would give them full immunity.

    The memos described the specifics of what was being done and thus provide more than enough evidence to support an indictment.

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    and Pattons statement did not make the actions lawful.

    Here Obama appears to say the existence of the memos prevents trials.  They do not and cannot.  

    At best, they could be offered in mitigation during the penalty phase of court martials or criminal trials.

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    an order given on Guam to torture or execute prisoners.

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    because you refuse to acknowledge that Biscari led resulted in trials and punishment.


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