socializing goldman's losses

Bernake's refusal today to disclose the counterparts paid by AIG from taxpayers funds given to that insolvent company is distrubing and without justification. Those payments have to be disclosed immediately.

It is also clear that Geitner's latest iteration is just another effort to get taxpayers to buy "toxic assets" from Goldman and others at inflated prices.

How many bank rescue plans do the boys at Goldman get to float before we get down to putting Citi and others into receivership?

When will US banking policy stop being written on Broad Street, NY,NY and start being written on Main Street, USA instead.

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Re: socializing goldman's losses

We should socialize Goldman instead.  Let the American people own it, through buying a majority share of the stock, and the employees run it through elections.

by demjim 2009-03-04 05:42AM | 0 recs


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