Obama Intelligence Pick Needs Watching

There have been legitimate concerns raised about Barack's selection of John Brennan and Jami Miscik, both former intelligence officials under George Tenet, to head his review of intelligence agencies and help make recommendations for the new administration. When it comes to wiretapping, rendition, and the politicization of intelligence reports related to the weapons of mass destruction fiasco, they have records that raise serious questions about where our President elect is headed in making leadership choices for our intelligence agencies.

It might not be a bad idea for Move On and other watchdog groups to place pressure on Barack and help insure that he moves in the right direction with his choices in the
intelligence area.

If you know of any such efforts already underway, this would be a good place to list them so that others can sign on.


Mark Phillips

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A Woman on the Ticket-The Promise and the Problem

I'm a strong Obama supporter. I also consider myself as much of a feminist as any limited male can be.

If it were just my call I'd love to see an Obama-Sebelius ticket. In her actions Kathleen Sebelius has been a courageous fighter for women's right to choose, a model of a strong effective politician, and a shining example of one who can work effectively in a bi-partisan way. She can reach women and middle America. Many white males will probably not be mollified by any woman on the ticket but she has feminine characteristics that will probably lure in some of them, though possibly for the wrong reasons.

The key question, and one I can't answer, is whether Hillary or, more importantly perhaps, Hillary's supporters, will accept another woman on the ticket other than Hillary. I think the only way it could happen would be if Hillary herself felt good about it and actively promoted the choice. That's a big "IF."

I agree that having a white male who gives off  typical white male vibes as Barack's running mate may not be a good idea re drawing in the Hillary supporters. Though perhaps one of Hillary's strong male supporters would be easier to accept.

But mostly I want to hear from others on this one.


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